16 August

In this fast-paced world where everyone is trying to be successful, one major thing which comes along the path of being successful is the ability to learn faster. Many find learning to be tiring, exhausting, and time-consuming, but some hacks can help you in learning a new language, growing a business, a guitar, and many more things.


5 Hacks to Learn faster


People who can learn new concepts, apply effective skills, and learn a piece of information in a short time have an upper hand and an advantage over those who struggle to learn faster. Here are five hacks to learn anything faster:


  • Pretend to Teach Someone

This may sound a bit odd but pretend to teach someone else or just say out loud whatever you are trying to learn and memorize. Research shows that if you think and imagine that you are trying to teach someone, chances are that you are more likely to learn and remember things faster and easier.  So, next time whenever it’s difficult for you to learn try to apply this hack.


  • Try to make Small Chunks

While trying to learn anything, try to make small chunks of that piece of information. By breaking down information into small pieces, you can learn much faster that way. Once you break the information or material into many small chunks, you can then learn those chunks one by one later assembling them into bigger chunks thereby making meaningful information. Chunking is one of the best methods to learn anything faster.


  • Make Handwritten Notes

While taking notes during a lecture, be it online or offline, do not use your computer or laptop. Take notes by hand, this allows you to comprehend and learn faster and easier. As you try to put that information into your own words, retention, and learning, as well as comprehension, get more enhanced.  You can also get distracted while making notes on your laptop or computer which is avoidable if take notes by hand.

Remember you were often told by your elders and teachers to write the information you want to learn a couple of times in your notebook. Well, they were right. By writing it multiple times, your brain learns that information faster and retention is also enhanced.


  • Take a Break

While learning material tries to take small refreshing breaks to re-energize your brain. Studies have shown that the human brain can only hold up to small pieces of information and needs several breaks to learn large information. Just like chunking, breaks also help in learning. You do not need to sit for long hours to learn your material. You should take small five to ten minutes breaks after thirty to forty-five minutes of a learning period. This helps your brain to retain that information much better.

You should always retrieve the information every once a week to make your brain sure that that information needs to be in long term memory and needs to be remembered all the time.


  • Test Yourself

One of the ways to learn faster is to test yourself frequently. Suppose you need to learn for your test, so try to take your test of that same material before you go on attempting the final test. If you answer something wrong in your practice or mock test, you are more likely to remember the right answer by remembering that you wronged it in your practice attempt.

This may also work for any presentation, key statistics, or for any meeting and various other things. You can practice your presentation a couple of times so that you are confident enough to present it in front of other people.



At last, to learn anything faster you need to focus and devote some time to grasp that information. Try to not be distracted while learning as it may affect the learning process resulting in not being able to learn that information. You can apply the above-listed hacks to learn anything faster and can be on the path to success.

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