16 August

We all learn about so many new things every day, we all come across new ideas about different things every day and try to learn them as well for future reference. But are we able to memorize it easily for a longer period or say for years? Do you remember what you studied in your 10th grade English books? Do you remember what was the name of the character in the novel you read 5 years ago? Or do you remember what algorithms or formulae you used to solve maths problems in school? No, you don’t. In fact, none of us can memorize things we learnt a few months ago or a few years ago. And no doubt how difficult it is to memorize things and use that knowledge in the time of need.

We need to start memorizing things for a lifetime so that we can put our knowledge to great use whenever needed. And for that, we need to follow some secret techniques to memorize things easily and for a longer period.


  • Be in a proper learning environment

Everyone has their methods of learning and prefer different kinds of the environment while learning or studying. Some prefer to learn things in less distractive places, like alone in the room while some prefer public places or maybe with 4-5 people around. Some prefer mornings, some afternoons and some prefer to learn at night. You need to identify your comfortable learning space because being in the environment you love makes it easier for you the learn things easily and faster.


  • Try to understand whatever you learn

It is proven in the studies that people can memorize things or concepts easily which they understand. Nowadays, we are in the habit of learning concepts just for the sake of giving exams and scoring good marks. The layman term used is ratification, which means people learn, throw up in exams, and forget everything the very second they move out of the examination hall. This habit has to be changed immediately because to memorize things easily, start understanding things whatever you learn about. It saves both time and energy.


  • Write down everything

It is again proven that we tend to learn things easily when we write those things down once, twice, or for more times. Therefore, make it a habit to write down each concept you learn one by one, this will take some time and hard work but the results will be worth it. Write, read, and repeat. You will be able to memorize things easily and for a longer period.


  • Try to correlate

Correlating things is another secret used for memorizing things easily. Try to correlate the concepts you are studying with your previous information or memories. Once you apply this technique you will automatically start remembering things, as it is already stored in your memory and immediately comes to the conscious mind when you try to think about it. For example, if you are studying a concept already taught in class, try to think about what your teacher told you regarding that particular concept and what topics came up related to it during that discussion. This will help you generate new ideas and learn them easily as well.


  • Teach it to yourself or your friends

Teaching someone or yourself is one of the most effective techniques of memorizing things easily. The concepts get clearer when you teach those to someone else by speaking. This helps in storing the information permanently in your memory. This can be done either by convincing someone to sit through your lecture or by reciting everything to yourself in front of the mirror. This also helps in developing confidence and speak fluently.



These are the 5 secrets you need to know and apply for memorizing things easily. But while learning does not forget to take breaks in between. Taking breaks is also very important because our body and mind both need equal rest to function properly, effortlessly and with more enthusiasm.

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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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