16 August

Technology is reaching heights day by day. From binge-watching to data analysis; from online shopping to online learning, everything has become unquestionably easier over time. With this ease comes great competition. This is totally up to us that how can we outstand in the race of competition. What soft/technical skills except your current pursuing stream/course should be known to you? The more you become equipped with new skills and technology, the more you’ll be able to outstand yourself from the humble crowd. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 technical skills that can be learned in a span as short as a weekend. Before this, let’s understand what are technical skills?


What are the technical skills?


Technical skills are skills that require expertise in computer science and its operations, mathematics, and physical technology. As per the growth of technology, the need for technical skills and their implementation could be seen soon. Whatever job you are going to apply for, not only check your mentioned skills but also flexibility in soft and technical skills. You’ll surely be regarded as an exception among the crowd.


5 skills that can be learned over the weekend


  • Microsoft Excel; excel is software produced by Microsoft to organize and calculate data or figures via a commercial spreadsheets system. As a technology person, excel is the most basic thing that you should start learning with. Data collection and synchronization are so common in the workplace these days. If you have the flexibility to access excel, you don’t have to rely on a tech-savvy for the same. There are numerous online courses with cheap budgets where you can learn this technology in no time!


  • Graphic designing; is a pretty easy step to learn over the weekend. You are already learning graphic designing. Editing photos and videos are our right-hand task nowadays. We can easily access Photoshop and many editing applications. All you need is just a kick to perform such editing with more technicality and advanced editing techniques which can be learned in a while. Everything we approach is online these days and hence we do have courses available for learning the same. You’ll surely learn to design a personalized cover for your blogs or magazines.


  • Word press; word press is a software platform used to create web content for the host website. Every blog or article is a part of word press. Companies use this technical skill to communicate with their audience via mail, blogs, and online magazines. Word press allows tech-savvy and a newcomer to easily accommodate themes according to their desires. Word press not only helps us creating blogs and lucid websites but also helps us in building e-commerce stores. You can access word press just with simple learning. With a short span course, you’ll be able to customize your website.


  • Project management; project management is a versatile skill as it’ll benefit you being a soft skill as well as a technical skill which is nowadays very much crucial for all technical project management. For tech savvy’s managing projects aren’t of complexity, because they have the mantra to manage their work. For project management, 5 crucial steps can lead us to successful project management, that is, initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. With these, a project could be provided with a definite structure, information, and synchronization. A project manager will value time, knowledge, cost, technical competence, and risk management. This skill will surely help us in outstanding ourselves. We can get hold of this emerging skill over the weekend with various available online courses.


  • Technical writing; the most basic skill indeed. If you have a job with highly demanded writing communication skills, you should achieve mastery in this skill. Written communication requires writing web content, information, and details to the client, email exchange, and other relevant writing etiquettes. You need to put forth your opinions which will be certainly judged by your writing manner and thus make you outstanding amongst others.


With growing technical skills you need certain soft skills that will complement and improve your hard skills in every aspect. Being a project manager you need to learn how to communicate with your colleagues. Half of your work etiquette depends on it. Being polite and kind with your coworkers will enhance the rate of success for sure. Spoken communication skills will effectively provide you with good marketing as well as written communication skills.

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