16 June

Speaking in public is a great challenge, and I believe we all must keep accepting challenges in our life. Few people are naturally good at public speaking, where few feel uncomfortable. What do you think? The great speakers can speak with the same confidence right from their first speech? For a few people, yes it is possible. But not for all.

I remember my first speech in school on Independence Day. I wasn’t even able to face them properly. The day before the speech, I was continuously trying to learn the speech by heart, went through sleepless nights, deadlines, and nervousness. You must have also experienced the same situation. It’s said that A good speech is like a pencil, it should have a point.  You may try to make out some important points, and use some weighty words with very good vocabulary to make your speech look good.

It’s quite easy to make a PowerPoint presentation, but to present it in front of everybody is a real task. Somewhere or other we all have stage fear, low confidence, etc.

To avoid all these problems, I’m here with 5 important Tips for impressing public speaking-speak with confidence.

#1 Practice & Prepare:

Practice makes a man perfect. It is very rightly said that before doing any job we should be well prepared about what we want to do. Keep researching more and more about the topic you want to discuss and communicate. Always make a note of the main points and the actual content you want to talk upon. The more information and knowledge you have about your topic you open more towards the public or our listeners.

Here you can thoroughly improve your speech and go on practicing. You will be very clear about what you are talking about and there will be less room to hear from you.

#2 Connect the Audience with a positive impression:

It’s very important that we not only make a lasting impression but a positive impression. You should always look at your audience and speak, avoiding looking at your audience. This helps you to connect with the audience in a more specific way. Don’t just keep an eye on a fixed portion of the audience. Watch across the hall and make meaningful eye contact with your audience.

Always give real-life examples, where people get more influence from you. Examples help to keep track of what you are trying to explain to them. They directly relate to the topic which helps them to understand and avoids being bored. Try to keep them engaged by asking them questions or telling them to raise their hands, playing some kind of game with them, passing the prop kind thing, etc.

#3 Body Language:

We are folks, we stand as we sit, which doesn’t provide a decent impression. Our visual communication shows the intensity of our confidence and also the knowledge we’ve got. Never show your nervousness, always come up sort of a King! You all must have not heard of it also, but our Chin defines our confidence. How? An excessive amount of high chin gives off a logo of arrogance and an excessive amount of low chin gives the symbol of nervousness. Before going for your speech, always observe yourself within the mirror. Make an eye fixed to eye contact with you within the mirror and provide a speech. Calm your mind, be fresh, and target what you say.

 #4 Know Your audience:

                                          Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Before a speaking opportunity, you must be attentive to your audience. The knowledge they need or what they require from you. This may facilitate you to enhance your speech in line with their needs. Like in, if your audience doesn’t have any knowledge about you and your topic then you’ve got a language i.e. suitable for them. Repeatedly it should be in Hindi or maybe Marathi. You also must give some thought to the most important point and therefore the purpose of your speaking through which you would like your audience to require it. You can then structure your speech in such a way that your audience gets your message.

 #5 Become an everyday speaker:

Rather than learning your speech or preparing them beforehand, you ought to ask your audience from the underside of your heart. Yes! I do know it is not possible for the very first time, but believe me; if you keep practicing , nobody can stop you from being a successful speaker. While practicing you’ll overcome your weakness and will bring great control on your nerves and become more confident day by day.

 OPPORTUNITY is like another lifeline for you, keep accepting opportunities. Maybe harder or the only one for you, but missing a chance is like missing an opportunity to become a successful speaker. Make a start from a little event and go step by step to a much bigger one.


An impressive oral presentation involves the flexibility to attach with the audience, preparation, practice, and powerful delivering power. These tips will facilitate your all to deliver a powerful speech publically.


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