20 August

What is Artificial Intelligence?


There is no particular definition for this; you will find as many interpretations as the number of sites. To get an essence, it is a branch of computer science that aims to develop and create advanced machines with human intelligence, which can perform human tasks, learn human behaviour, but is made of metal and runs on software.  By using deep learning and natural learning processing, these machines are designed to do particular tasks and learn from themselves.


How AI is transforming the world

Software, in today’s world, has developed so much that it has become an essential part of our lives. Do you remember the time when Apple launched Siri? It was a revolution in the software industry, and ever since then; more companies have created several virtual assistants. While competing with each other, they are enhancing this software as much as they can.

Who would have thought twenty years ago that there will be a time where software can book your movie tickets and buy your groceries? But, this is only the basic part that is available for the public. The software industry is advancing at the speed of light. However, something with so many pros comes with some serious cons as well.

AI makes a machine work like a human. Since it’s a machine, it eliminates the chances of human errors, making it much more efficient and reliable. If programmed correctly, it will not have emotions like- feeling tired or bored by doing the same tasks; hence, it will be available and can work 24×7.

Now, who would not want such accuracy and reliability? None; therefore, more and more industries are bending towards this.


Benefits of AI

·        Virtual assistants

As mentioned earlier, the invention of AI virtual assistance has made our lives so much easy. It is not only on our phones but in our cars as well.

By using AI, you can order all the groceries, buy movie tickets, or reserve a seat in a restaurant; without moving a finger.

Someone once said that time is money, and using AI; you save both.

·        Increase in productivity and efficiency

Machines do not get tired or bored, so if they are programmed properly, they will boost up the productivity of your company. It will take less time than a human to do the same task. It will be available 24×7, whereas human labour can be very limited depending on your region.

·        Cost-Effective

You need to pay salaries to human labourers every month for the work they have done, which collectively costs a lot and alters the company’s profits.

With AI, it’s a one-time investment and will remove the wages of human labour, making more net profit.

·        Quick in analysis

Since it’s a computer, hence, data is more easily accessible to it and has more resources. Therefore, it can collect data from various resources at the same time and evaluate them. It can analyze several outcomes and give you reports of favourable decisions, much more quickly than a human being.


Risks of AI

You all must have watched various science fiction movies, one thing which is prominent in all is, one mistake while programming an AI can cause vast destruction.

·        In Wrong hands

Like every innovation, it is built with progress in mind. Suppose there is an AI, which is developed for military usage, and is programmed to harm the enemies, gets stolen?  Or enemies hack it and now have access to it?

It will be a means of vast destruction.

·        It does what it’s told

Well, it will do what it has been told because it’s a machine. For example, if you ask your AI Virtual assistant to book a restaurant, it will book an entire restaurant for you, even if that’s not what you precisely meant though exactly what you said.

Since it is not from our ecosystem, it is difficult for it to understand it.

·        Absence of brain

The most unique treasure of us humans is our brain, which makes us what we are and well, which also has built an AI. However, machines do not have that, which means they cannot think and improvise. They will do what they are programmed to do.

They cannot brainstorm about any problem and find unique solutions.


So no matter how advanced technology gets unless they can fit a virtual mind in their AIs, the risks are way more devastating than the luxury of its benefits.

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Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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