16 August

Behavioural style is very important to everyone. You have to learn it if you are an employee or an employer, student, or having your startup. Because you interact with lots of people in your day to day life like coworkers or clients, so it is important to know their behavioural style it helps you to build a strong relationship.  Everyone needs to work out what their behavioural style is for a better understanding of the different styles of other people or employees. Different behavioural styles revealed what people do in their spare time, what they wear, and their body language.

The study of different behavioural styles was made popular in particular by the work of Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne. If you are working in a team then it is very important to know the team member’s behavioural style it helps you while interacting with them and make a strong team.


There are four major behavioural styles: Go-getter, A promoter, A Nurturer, The Examiner


  • The Examiner – The examiners are noted for the gather and review data. They analyze data in detail, accuracy is very important to them. They always ask those questions to people which answers they already know and provide the answer in detail, and they get great pride in providing the information. They believe in accuracy and don’t mind spending extra time searching to make sure things are right. They seek information and knowledge. They mostly make a to-do list to check they are getting all information. They make decisions slowly than go-getters and promoters because they search a lot about it. They always believe in perfection. They tend to be a good conversationalist as long as they know the topic in detail. They attained networking functions just to promote their business. They are always in control of their emotion. If you give them sufficient time to complete the work they give you the best.


  • A Nurturer – The nurturer belongs to the human resource department and medical services. They are very supportive and interested in maintaining and establishing a relationship in an organization. They are great at convincing people in their polite manners. They help everyone in development and growth. They tend to be very kind, patient, and helpful. They are great listeners. They do not like to get pushed; they enjoy things slowly than go-getters. They appreciate spending time with people. They meet people they already know and build a stronger relationship with them. They develop a strong network of people who are willing to be mutually supportive. They are excellent team players.


  • Go-getters – They are hustling enterprising types of people. They work to get one work as soon as possible. They are always driven and impatient, therefore they always want to get work done right at that movement, they usually don’t leave pending work. They are result-oriented individuals. They rarely struggle with making a decision. They are motivated by goals. These people always have self-interest while doing work. These people are so focused on their goal, they mostly just get the job done than enjoying the process.


  • A promoter – Promoters are active supporters of someone who urges the adoption of attempts to sell or popularize some products. They are company visionaries and good very good at marketing. They use their contacts to achieve greater success. They are very confident and ignore negativity. They seek fun in everything they do. They always meet new people and make connections to the company’s benefit. While attending any networking function they always make sure they are building relationships. They are the kind of person who builds a relationship with clients rather than working on proposals in the office.

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