24 August

With the coming of Globalization in India, we have got more opportunities to interconnect with people all around the world, know about their businesses, culture, language, and so on. As we connect with people internationally, it has become important to know their language in order to communicate with them and exchange our views with them in their native language. Foreign languages have made a great impact on the Indian economy and marketplace as well, in results folks who are fluent in foreign languages can easily keep their heads above the water in today’s scenario. Nowadays more and more people opt for learning foreign languages to make their future bright and open the doors of opportunities for themselves.

Let us discuss some benefits of Learning a Foreign Language:

Boosts Brain Power

It is scientifically proven that whenever we try to learn something new, the power of our brain boosts up to understand new concepts and have a wider perspective about those concepts. The same is with learning a new language, it helps to boost our brainpower to think and understand its rules, structures, and lexis. It also helps our brain to exercise more and improves memory power. This also helps in developing our high order thinking skills, problem-solving skills and cognitive skills.

Improves the ability to Multitask

Everyone wants to be smarter, become a multitasker in today’s fast-paced world, and compete with others. But multitasking is a difficult and stressful process, not everyone can learn the technique of multitasking. But everyone can definitely work hard in order to improve their ability to multitask. Learning a foreign language helps us to improve this ability. It is again proven in a study that people who can think in different languages can multitask easily and have reduced stress levels.

Deepens connection to other Cultures and People

Connectivity is very important nowadays. Being able to communicate with others in their native language is very much an appreciable capability. It gives a wider perspective to talk to people, understand their emotions, cultures, traditions, and arts deeply. It also has a great positive impact on the relationships of people with different languages and cultures as they are able to understand it better and respect it more.

Improves Communication Skills and Creativity

Having good communication skills is of the utmost priority in today’s scenario. All the companies look for employees who have good communication skills and are capable of communicating their ideas creatively and effectively. Learning a foreign language helps in developing both simultaneously. People who know more than one language have a better capacity to think creatively, out of the box, and have good problem-solving skills. They have a better hold over grammar and writing skills too.

Builds up Confidence

Obviously, if someone has good communication skills and is able to keep forward his/her ideas excellently, the person will gradually develop confidence. This helps in facing the world and upcoming challenges fearlessly. Confidence can only be built up when someone moves out of their comfort zones and trying to learn an unknown language is itself a step towards moving out of the comfort zone.

Opens doors to new opportunities

Now when a person has a package of skills and confidence, it definitely opens the doors of many new opportunities for him/her. Whenever an organization looks for its employees, they look for these skills, and having a foreign language degree makes you even more attractive. It increases the chances of you getting selected by at least 80%.


Learning a foreign language whether it is German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or any other language is definitely going to benefit you in the long run and make you stand out from many others in the race.

So, which language are you planning to opt for?

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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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