16 June

Is e-learning a proper replacement for our conventional learning? E-learning was first introduced in 1999 in Los Angeles. At that time, it was called online learning and virtual learning. It was a large experimental area dealing with technical subjects only. As the industry is flourished with new technologies and ideas, there are many fresh outlooks of knowledge and communication. Almost all educators had started e-learning courses in the year 2010. Not only the educators but also the motivational speaker, EGO, etc. started giving their live lectures through e-learning. 

We all are facing lots of difficulties during this Lockdown due to COVID-19, where Social Distancing is the prime aspect of government. Schools, Colleges, Offices, and even small scale Businesses like vegetable sellers, shops, medicals, bus stands, etc. are closed. People are not even allowed to step out of their house. 

In this drastic situation, our education system came to the idea of e-learning. Advantages of E-learning –

● Comfort zone:– We enjoy our comfort zone at home, we can probably sit and do whatever we want whenever we want. We are safe at home in front of our parents from the parent’s point of view. 

● YouTube:- The new method is brought up by the government that teachers would upload their recorded videos and students will study through those videos. Here students can study whenever they want and will not need to follow a proper strict time table for the same. 

● Makes learning easy:- We all must have seen an Ad by Shahrukh Khan on Byju’s learning App. The main little character frequently keeps on repeating, videos make learning easy! Similarly, students can go on rewinding the videos till they don’t get the subject or topic properly. 

It’s all Equivocal… 

Let’s assume all learners have equal access to technology and a comfortable working zone, here E-learning seems to be a very soft option. But, the educational community raises the two most important concerns for the learners: 

1st Motivation– Students need recognition and challenges for their achievements. An instructor is a key to inspire motivation in learners, be it a school or a college or a job. 

2nd Feedback– Frequent feedback by the teacher or the mentor keeps up a learning process. Effective completion of classroom work and assessment is an important factor in conventional learning. Teachers or mentors frequently guide us on personal performance to grow us more. 

E-learning is great! Nobody’s questioning that. But, who is going to look after the responsibility of possible failures? Conventional learning or schools have long-standing


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