20 August

What are your future plans? What have you thought about doing in your future? Which career have you decided to opt for? What do you want to do after 12th? What are your interests? Have you researched career options after science, commerce or humanities? Are you still confused about which career to choose once your 12th boards are over? Does this course has relevance these days which you want to choose?

These are some of the questions which you might have thought about or might have felt attacked with, after crossing your 10th board exams. Well, this is a phase of life that everyone has to go through no matter what. No doubt it is one of the most difficult decisions one has to make in their life. It’s a long list of courses which can be pursued after 12th depending on the streams whether science, commerce or arts, but one has to be clear about his/her interests and then make a wise decision. A plethora of opportunities await students if they know their interests.

Still confused about which career option to choose for a successful future. Here is a list of some of the courses which might help you in choosing your right path, according to your preferences and interests:


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in sociology is an undergraduate course of 3 years duration. It comes under the category of social science and mostly arts background students prefer this course. This course is offered by many universities all over India. Sociology is the study of society in a scientific manner using different methods and criteria. Students get to study different aspects of society, culture, social status, and the questions asked by sociologists.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English is an undergraduate course of 3 years duration. Students from any stream whether science, commerce, or humanities can choose this course. This is one of the most preferable courses in India. People who are interested in reading novels and writing poems prefer this subject. Students get to study the history of English literature, famous novelists, poets (including Indian and British) and their work throughout this course.


Bachelor of Commerce in an undergraduate course of 3 years duration. Students having a better understanding of accounts, business studies prefer this course. As the same itself suggests, this course is mainly for students from a commerce background. Students get to learn about accounting, taxation, insurance, business laws, and management in this course.


Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate course of 3 years duration. Students interested in computers and programming choose this particular course. BCA has a lot to do with computer science. Students are taught about hardware, software, computer networks, computer languages and database management, etc.


Bachelor of Architecture in a full-fledged undergraduate program of 5 years duration. Mathematics is the compulsory subject to be studied during school to be able to choose this particular course. Students learn about the process of construction, planning, mapping, and architectural designing during the 5 years of this course. It requires creative and analytical skills to be good architecture. This course helps in enhancing these required skills.


Bachelor of Technology is a professional undergraduate engineering program of 4 years duration. This course is offered under various specializations like Computer science engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Aerospace engineering, etc. Students need to choose it wisely between all these specializations according to their interests.


Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism is also an undergraduate course of 3 years duration. Students who want to be a screenwriter, editor, journalist, reporter, art director, or producer can choose this course to fulfil their dreams. Students get to learn about different aspects of media and journalism with a wide variety throughout this course.


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of law is again an integrated undergraduate course of 5 years duration. Students have to clear the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) to get into a good college offering this course. Students learn about all the laws, Constitutions, rules, and regulations about the judicial system of India. Students who aspire to be a lawyer, an advocate, or a legal advisor can choose this course as their career.


These are some of the courses which you can go for as your career option in the future. Making the right choices is very important in life, especially when the whole future depends on those choices. And to make the right choice for a career, one has to achieve a good percentage to get admissions into their dream colleges. That is why it is said,

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

~ Colin Powell


Therefore, work hard today to be happy and successful in the future.

Good Luck!

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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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