18 May

The increase in the use of the Internet over the past decade has meant that being online has gone from something that was a fun pastime to a major part of our everyday lives. Earlier, it was considered only as a harmful thing that could ruin and corrupt the minds and lives of people, especially, young children and youth of the country. But, nowadays, the scenario has changed completely. People can’t even imagine their lives without the Internet. Earlier, it had not impacted us the way It has now. It has provided us a wider platform of learning and gaining as much knowledge as possible. Many of us now prefer online mode of learning more as compared to the traditional classroom system. The eLearning market has reached an inflection point — eLearning is seen as more valuable to ‘time shift’ rather than simply ‘place-shifting. ELearning is now a major part of our lives.

The term eLearning in simple words can be defined as a learning process utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely online. ELearning is not only limited to classrooms but has also made a major impact on the corporate system as well.

Corporate eLearning allows both students and business executives to learn anywhere and at any time. We can learn virtually from any place with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection, meaning we can study from home simply sitting at our own comfort zones. The competition in the corporate sector has increased so much these days that it has become very important for the newcomers to first enhance their skills and then only step into the corporate market as business executives. This is only possible when they get opportunities to work as an intern under different companies. ELearning has made this possible to a greater extent. People can now work from home along with corporate sectors through eLearning methods.

The role of corporate training is to ensure an employee has the knowledge and skills to undertake a specific operation. Fundamentally, corporate training is centered on knowledge transfer. For example, conferences and workshops are an essential yet expensive part of business therefore, eLearning makes it affordable and efficient. Salespeople can receive their training on new products and sales strategies online; Digital marketers can receive their training about marketing techniques online; Money management skills can also be learned online. Similarly, many other tasks can be performed online. ELearning can be translated to lower costs to deliver training in a shorter period of time, especially when employees are spread worldwide. Corporate education adds another dimension and depth to training by involving learners as participants in generating new knowledge that assists an organization to develop and evolve.

If we take an example of our current scenario where people are suffering from so many problems at the same time. The world economy is at stake and one has to think of new ideas to expand their businesses and cover up the losses occurring thereby. This is where eLearning comes up as a savior for almost all the companies where they can organize different online sessions regarding marketing skills, money management, increasing sales with a professional point of view, and many more. This is the most helpful platform for the youth nowadays, as they cannot go out for internships and expand their skills but can definitely learn about new techniques by different intellectuals and have a better future in the coming years under the guidance of those intellectuals.

The main characteristics of corporate learning are: To complete tasks in the minimum time possible, to help employees have an expansive view over everything and gain better skills, it should focus on overall benefits for the organization and not only on individual benefits. We can say that the corporate market runs completely on these rules to make it knowledgeable of the youth and successful for the organization at the same time. ELearning perfectly contributes to these agendas by saving money, time, avoiding place shifting, etc.

Corporate eLearning has many advantages like it makes it easier for the employees to access the content anytime and anywhere they want to. The company does not have to spend much time as eLearning provides online training courses with utter professionalism keeping everything in mind. It also helps in saving money as delivering face to face training costs much as compared to the online training, rather it can be invested in the content. Corporate eLearning also allows gaining insightful analytics on both an employee’s performance and on the content itself. It also helps the individual to access content whenever needed. It also somehow reduces the employee’s turnover rates.

Thus, we can clearly say that corporate eLearning has made a major impact on the corporate system and is not disappearing anytime soon. In fact, it is going to have a never-ending growth and will keep on providing useful and innovative ideas to expand our economy and businesses as well.

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