26 June

During the pandemic, education changed dramatically all over the world, with the rise of E-learning platforms and online structures. Covid-19 offered online platforms like SkillingYou a big boost. The goal of edtech platforms is to provide engaging and customized education to everyone who wants to learn. In addition to traditional education, it aims to provide access to supplemental materials.

Education delivery, institutional management, and additional learning resources make up India's edtech landscape. Many scholars have shared their work on teaching and learning in various ways in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. Face-to-face instruction has been phased out at several schools, colleges, and universities. The COVID-19 epidemic has allowed us to lay the groundwork for digital learning.

The flipped classroom is a simple approach for presenting learning resources before class, such as articles, pre-recorded films, and YouTube links. The time spent in the online classroom is then used to further comprehension by engaging in discussions with teachers and peers. This is an extremely successful technique to promote problem-solving, critical thinking and self-directed learning skills. Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, Cisco, and WebEx are examples of virtual classroom platforms.

Many educational organizations are making their tools and solutions available for free to assist and support teaching and learning more interactively and engagingly. Online learning has allowed teachers and students to teach and learn in new ways that are not possible in a traditional classroom setting.

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