21 March



India has the maximum number of English speakers after the USA. Even after having such a diversified composition of the population, India has always been abundant with both Hinglish and great English speakers. Let me list out some of the Great Indian speakers:-Shashi Tharoor, Sadhguru. They are the ones who hold mind-blowing accents and they have always surprised the minds of their listeners wherever they have spoken. Even Shashi Tharoor has so deep knowledge and free hands with English vocabulary that those words cannot be pronounced and understood by the Englishman themselves.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Floccinaucinihilipilification, rodomontade.

These are the words that were used by Shashi Tharoor and initially when he uttered these words for the first time he sound alien just because nobody could interpret their meanings. Therefore, this means that learning English and turning to be a fluent English speaker does not demand you to be an English man. It always demands you to aspire and work towards enriching your knowledge about speaking grammatically correct English and this comes with practice. The one who practices speaking after learning Basic English grammar, fluency is no more a big issue and nobody can achieve it without speaking regularly. First, to be a great English speaker you need to avoid making fake excuses such as no free time, etc. 

Master tip of being a great English Speaker

One of my English teachers once said to me, “if you want to be a fluent and great English speaker, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall on the bed make sure that the only language that you are speaking and thinking about is English. Within 21 days, you will see a tremendous change in your accent, vocabulary and pronunciation. Then you are not a third-grade student like me when I asked my teacher about this. 

In your case, you can dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to improve your English or learn it from scratch. Let me suggest some of the basic tips that can make you learn English in a great and easy manner:-

1. Start reading newspapers, watching the news, and reading articles in English

2. Practice writing about something every day. Let your writings turn to be grammatically incorrect but this will improve your writing skills and at the same time make you better after every article. If you do not have topics to write about, start writing diaries who know your diary will be published as a book with the title ‘The greatest speaker in making’. You cannot decide your future but you can act in the present right, so start taking action and it will shape your future.

3. Start speaking in English with someone who stays most of the time with you. Maybe your friends, siblings, parents, colleagues. Whosoever they start speaking with them and this practice will benefit speakers on both sides.

4. Start watching English cartoons if you are a child below 12 years of age.

Moreover, after you start following these tips make sure you are consistent with them because it will pay in compound. If you see yourself as a great speaker in near future consistency is the only key to achieve it.

Four Determinants of Achieving your goals

To achieve any goal in your life, make sure you have these three Ps and an L strongly embedded into your character.

 The first ‘P’ stands for Persistence, your ability to motivate yourself even when others make opinions and fun about your speaking.                                                                                                

The second ‘P’ stands for Patience, you cannot be a great speaker overnight and even if you turn to be one (impossible); you are vulnerable. So have the patience and faith in nature where nothing goes in vain. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. Therefore, this law will apply here as well when you put all your energy into learning English or any other skill, it is bound to be within your reach and make you expert over time.

The third ‘P’ stands for Perseverance; you cannot assure yourself that you will be a great speaker over a given period. Make sure that you do not make foolish deadlines. If that would have been so easy then everybody would have been great speakers but in the real sense, there are only a handful of them. You will take the time and effort to reach there.

The ‘L’ stands for Love, love for your goals and aspirations.

Above all of them is your love towards your goals and this time it is learning English make sure it’s not a compulsion because when it is compulsion exclusion becomes a necessity and when it is love inclusion becomes your habit start loving what you do or else every other action that you will take in achieving your goals will be a wastage of money and time.



About T Sai Devakar

He is a student of twelfth standard, who is fed up of the Educational setup which limits the students to concentrate on one aspect. So, set on the journey of doing something impactful and get engaged in a extravagant adventure with a purpose. Fortunately came to know about SKILLING YOU and joined it as a content writer inorder to improve and learn new skills. Though he is a content writer but tries to try his hands on everything that will make him feel better and learn something new. He is always open to new opportunities, he is always there for doing something productive and good. And from the very childhood he has a ENTREPRENEURIAL BUG within him. He is always open to discuss new ideas, try talking to him if you have something going in your mind. He has also launched his own campaign under the banner of Rally for Rivers in the name of Cauvery Calling -Youth in Action-T Sai Devakar. And aimed of contributing the highest number of trees for rehabilitating Cauvery and Cauvery basin through the youth of this nation. Being the YOUTH of this nation he feels that they should be able to commit for the right cause and take action for the same. He also makes sure that the youth of this nation is not only LIMITED to tech and business but, equally LOVING and CARING for their MOTHER NATURE and their FARMERS who have given up everything to produce the right crop at the right season for them. In few lines you can describe him as someone who aspires to be a BALANCED & FULFILLED PERSONALITY.


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