17 August

In today’s fast-growing world we don’t have time for ourselves. We keep ourselves so busy that
we don’t sit peacefully for some time and just appreciate ourselves, tell ourselves that we are doing good and
be happy from within.

To be happy is to know oneself. The happier you are, the more beautiful you will become. If you are not feeling good try talking to people who you like and share your thoughts with. The appreciation we get from outside would be worthless if we are not happy from within. Social media influence nowadays; social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc have a very large influence on our life. We always want to display that we are happy, enjoying our life even if we are sad from the inside. A lot of times it happens that we post on social media and if we don’t get enough likes, comments we feel very sad and that has a strong impact on our mind.

Many a time this impact is so negative and huge that people start thinking very negative of themselves and it even results in depression.

We should always remember that it is a fake world out there on social media. What people show is very different from what is happening in the real world.

Happiness is purely related to our state of mind. We should always try to be happy from within and remind ourselves daily that we are the best. Also, we should not take negative comments seriously and thinking of others as they don’t matter at all.

So just try to stay positive and happy.

Simple Ways to be happy from within-

1. Daily meditate for at least 5 minutes.

2. Never lose hope and remind yourself things will be just fine sooner or later.

3. Take some personal time to be with yourself and recount the things you have achieved and the things you have.

4. Avoid social media and never take their outcomes seriously.

5. Breathe fresh air and listen to peaceful music.

6. Take a night of good sleep.

7. If feeling low try doing some of your hobbies.

8. Have positive-minded people around you.

9. Accept yourself and be content with who you are.

10. Always remember ” The best is yet to come.

About Pratishtha Singh

I am currently pursuing Btech from Abes Engineering College in Electronics and Communications branch. I like to dance, travel, play badminton, etc. Like to keep a positive attitude and always eager to learn.


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