19 May

Do you also always wonder what qualities do an interviewer looks for while taking an interview? Is it only the marks which matter or do I need to have some specific talent to get into a well-renowned company? Will they only see my communication skills or do I need to have something more in myself to be a perfect employee? Well, all of us are surrounded by these questions at some point in time in our lives. No wonder this gives us so much stress to find out answers to these questions. So, here’s the answer to all your questions, basically you need to have a package of some soft skills and some hard skills to be a perfect employee, to prove that you’re great to fit in a specific job and also that you will be able to manage all the tasks excellently.

For understanding this concept, we first need to what actually do we mean by hard skills and soft skills.

Hard skills are the abilities that can be taught, learned, and measured such as writing skills, mathematical skills, reading skills, computer-related knowledge, accounting, finance, legal skills, etc. These are not innate skills that a person is born with. These skills prove that you are perfect for a specified job and that you’ll be able to do your job successfully. On the other hand, soft skills include mannerisms, etiquette, communication skills, listening skills, leadership traits, interpersonal skills, etc. These skills prove that you can get along with everyone easily and will be able to maintain good relations as an employee.

Now let us try to understand some basic hard skills:

Hard Communication Skills

Communication skills are often regarded to be under soft skills as it shows how the persons talk when surrounded with a group of people, is he confident enough and able to maintain good eye contact with the listeners or not. But when we talk about hard communication skills it basically means that you can have something different to be added in your resume which will make you stand out from everyone. This includes digital communication and foreign language communication skills.

Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are very important to be a good marketer, works in a manner which provides profits to the company as a whole and is able to sell a particular product using creativity. A good marketer needs to have good knowledge about the product and customers as well. He should never stop acquiring new marketing techniques in order to increase the sales of the company.

Computer Technology

No doubt, technology has become a very important and inseparable part of our lives. Keeping this in mind employers look for people who at least have basic computer knowledge like Microsoft Office, Analytics, and social media. This ensures that the person will be able to perform all his/her tasks efficiently and effectively.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance include analytical knowledge as well. They keep records of the taxes, payments, transactions, and maintain accounts. They basically help in the financial management of the company.

Now let us come to the understanding of some basic soft skills required to be a good employee:

Adaptability skills

These are the skills that ensure that the person is able to adjust in all types of environments and the changing conditions. Adaptability skills are needed while working in any type of company or under any specified job as no one knows what would be the future circumstances. So it is very important to have adaptability skills to face all the challenges in the future.

Creativity Skills

Creativity skills are the skills that every employer might look for in the interviewee. These include open-mindedness, problem-solving, and writing skills. These skills ensure that the person will be able to face the challenges in a more creative and productive manner. They will be able to think of new ideas for the success of the company.

Leadership Skills

When we talk about leadership skills it means that the person should be able to guide and mentor other people working with him, will be able to strategize and execute the ideas excellently, and will also be able to maintain a good relationship with all his co-employees. The person should be able to influence others for the betterment of the company and achieve desirable results. He should be a good team player to be able to work in a unit and achieve beneficial goals.

These are some of the important hard skills and soft skills which an employer looks for while recruiting candidates. We all need to try and learn all these skills in order to stand out from everyone else and make a mark in the corporate sector


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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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