03 June

So, let’s begin by talking about the English language and why is it important in today’s growing environment. English is the most used and spoken language in the world. 20% of the Earth’s population speaks and understands English. It helps us make a global connection and is important for both our personal and professional lives. But why is it so important?

  • English helps you build a career: nowadays, every job opportunity is global. Every company needs employees who can converse in English with their global partners or clients. Having good English helps you in promotion, recognition, and a lot of advantages within a company as well as society. You can work as a translator which a well-paid job with lots of advantages. English is valuable, no matter which career you choose for yourself. It boosts your confidence.
  • Internet: Caught your attention, didn’t I? It is said that 25.3% of English is used on the internet which clearly means that understanding English is a must in today’s world as you’ll have access to interesting things provided by this platform. You’ll be able to communicate with many users online, have opportunities coming your way, and whatnot. You will able to communicate professionally with the clients via emails as it is one of the most common platforms used to communicate with people.
  • This language adds fun in your life: Hollywood has become the most-streamed platform nowadays. Netflix and chill, amazon prime videos all these platforms introduce new movies and series mostly in the English language. For how long will you rely on subtitles? Having a good hold of the English language will help you enjoy the movie without having to read the subtitles. There are 100s of books available which you can enjoy if you have good English skills.
  • It makes you stand out: Your cousin speaks better English than you and you are constantly being compared to him. Guess who’s the superstar of the family? YES, DEFINITELY NOT YOU! So now? Dude, go outshine your cousin and grab the limelight that you deserve. English is considered a big thing in Indian society and what’s better than belonging to the “smart people” section of the society?


  • In India, there are 22 languages and it is not possible for everyone to master all the 22 languages.
  • So English here is considered as a medium to communicate with everyone. Major knowledgeable books are written in this language which makes it important for Indians to have a strong command over this language.
  • It is important for higher studies as a wide range of population want to study abroad and for this, they have to pass many exams like IELTS and TOEFL for which you need to have a great knowledge of this language.
  • Nowadays companies only hire people who have good English skills because it is one of the key ingredients in your personality trait.


Practicing English is the most fun and interesting part. It is easy to learn and fun to speak.

  • First and the foremost thing is to SPEAK! The more you speak in English the better you become in this language. Speaking English is not tough, it’s flexible and easy. Be confident while speaking. You’ll make a mistake once? Or twice? Or maybe a couple of times but the more you practice the more fluent you become. Practicing is the key ingredient without it you’ll learn nothing.
  • Gain access to technology. Using mobiles and laptops? Don’t just play games or do unnecessary stuff instead use them to gain knowledge. Download apps as they provide you with numerous advantages like “word of the day”, “daily quiz”. One app you should have is SKILLINGYOU (for android users), download English dictionaries, and start making sentences with each word and then read it aloud.
  • Listen to English news. It is said to be very effective while practicing English as they use broad terms which enhances your vocabulary. The more you listen, the more you become fluent. Copy what they speak and understand the meaning behind each and every word and sentence.
  • Read more. Make it a habit to read a newspaper every day. It not only increases your skill in this language but also keeps you updated about the happenings around the world and also increases your IQ and GK.
  • Listen to more English music (try without reading the lyrics) and watch more English movies (try without reading the subtitles provided). Ask your friends for help. They might suggest some movies and songs. Converse with your friends in English. Binge watch some movies together (English of course).
  • Take part in debates. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can to get your point across and listen to the other arguments carefully so you can argue against them effectively.
  • Try learning new phrases, instead of words. Phrases and expressions can be helpful for sounding more natural when you speak.


Indians are moving forward in every field and having a strong command over the English language is one of them. Many authors have started writing novels, poems, and stories in English. Giving importance to the English language has become a new mission for schools and colleges. The elite society in India sends their children to English-medium schools and even the poorest of the poor aspire to send their children to the same since English is seen as a language that provides upward economic and social mobility. So, it is very important for us to have good spoken English as it boosts your confidence while talking to someone. Opens gate for endless career options and whatnot.

… So how are YOU planning to improve your spoken English?

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