08 September

What comes to your mind when you listen the term ‘productivity’ or to be ‘productive’?

Well, productivity is something which describes the measure of efficiency of a person or a process. When it comes to production, productivity is the ratio of output to the input i.e. optimum use of resources to make the process efficient in order to get the maximum output.

Same is the case when we talk about the productivity of a person. How well someone is efficient or capable of doing various tasks at the moment.

BUT, here we are talking about career enhancement and how the productivity is going to help in that way. In general terms it refers to one’s resourcefulness and persistence towards work, and in accordance, certain things has to be performed by an individual to nitro boost his/her career. Soon we are going to have a look on those ‘THINGS’ but initially one should be strongly determined and willing to be more productive then only the goal could be achieved.

The things that should be kept in mind in order to be productive:

  1. Determine your goal.
  2. Prepare and marinate your mind.
  3. Make a to-do list.
  4. Execute

Further, how and in what ways one should increase productivity with respect to the career enhancement / career building / growth…



The above steps will help in boosting your performance as well as build your C.V.  so as to impress your boss/recruiter and mentioning these experiences carries weightage of 20% – 30% approx in the job interview and 10%-15% in college interviews.

It shows how ‘productive’ you are and can result in meeting out the firm’s needs efficiently and effectively. It is always good to be a step ahead from the crowd, this highlights your potential and makes you different from others.


Being productive doesn’t only mean to be early to bed and early to rise, it comprises of various important factors that enables the inner potential of an individual and contributes towards career growth and advancement.


Where to start?

You might be curious to know that from where to begin. Here’s the answer..

After knowing your goals, the field you belong to, is the key to your success.

Find such courses, internships or projects which are related to your field or might help in skill development of yours in order to achieve the goal.


There are ‘n’ number of resources available out there to start the process. But how one should detect the resource whether it is authentic or not? Communicate to those who you believe could help, seek help of your seniors or mentors. Or simply visit www.skillingyou.com they offer various courses in different disciplines, also they provide us with various skill development certifications and courses at our pace and convenience.

When we talk about our career we should not be lenient and have strong determination towards the aim. And wasting time searching for appropriate sources could result in low productivity and irritation. We are getting everything at one stop then why to waste time?


Give it a try! I bet you won’t return empty handed.

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