15 September

If you want to make it big out there, then you need to play your cards. If you have a great idea that idea won’t work until you make it noticeable. That’s exactly what entrepreneurs do they make a brand to display their ideas and, of course, sell them. For making a brand you need to be more social and popular if you want to make it in respectively less amount. In this article, we have come up with ideas to become a brand and how to gain popularity.

Become an expert in your field

When you become an expert in your field then the media and the public are bound to get attracted to you. Use their attraction to direct it to your idea and your brand.

Choose a brand name customers will remember

Select a name that is bound to be remembered. An average person comes across many names in a day and they forget it almost immediately. You need to select a name that will be easy, quick, and memorable.

Your name tells the quality of your brand

If you select something drab like bad cookies, then no one will ever want to buy that. Choose a name that is not only memorable but also positive.

A name that lets your brand grow

Your brand name should not confine you. Brand name should be let your grand grow. For example, if your brand name is cashew cookies and you want to expand your company and want to sell all bakery related products but your brand name is confining you. You can change your brand name but it would be expensive.

Make people aware of your brand

Drop your brand name everywhere. By everywhere we mean literally everywhere. Leave your brand name on brochures you distribute, on signage, on product packaging labels, on your vehicles or your employees, or even on coupons. The more people hear amount your brand more they will buy it.

Start a blog under your name

People will use search engines to search for you and to do business with you. If you have a blog, then it becomes easier for people to contact you.  Purchase a domain name and have your name on it. Add things about you and add your contact details.

Generate brand awareness

Make your brand known in public. Connect with other entrepreneurs through social networks or making comments on their blogs. Make them know you and remember you (in a positive way). Have a mutual relationship with the audience so that you are liked. This will help your brand work long term.

About Skilling You

Skilling You, is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. We strive to educate the youth with our prime focus on rural India, equipping learners through our cost-effective, technology-driven, research-based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’. In this dynamic environment and competitive markets, this humble initiative is the first step towards our commitment of empowering the youth with Employability Skills, by creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity. With an aspiration of changing the employment landscape in India, we at Skilling You take a pledge to drive a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and process improvement. In recent years, competition has increased, and job opportunities have reduced. In this competitive world, it isn’t enough to have a degree; one must have something extra, something unique to give them an edge over others.


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