03 September

Interview Skills 

Everyone has to go for an interview at some point in their life, It’s important to know some basic skills to ace your interview. Any type of job interview is your opportunity to highlight your strengths and to show an employer why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

1. Interview Skills: These interviewing skills are a set of interpersonal skills that allow you to interact comfortably with the interviewer and just by showing them why you’re the best candidate for that job. These skills will definitely help you highlight one of the best hiring features in every aspect that the interviewer is going to paying attention to.

2. Ways to Improve Interview Skills: These interview skills are being improved by knowing the use of the job description. Any way by researching the company. By preparing the important and main questions for the interviewer. We have to perform our best in the informational interview. You have to be an observant person and listen to the interviewer very carefully and answer sharply and by knowing the meaning of the questions that is what exactly the interviewer is asking for.

3. Making Resume & Reviewing it: we have to review our resume and ensure it highlights the skills and stronger that make you look the better it is. You should also make sure that all the information in your resume is totally correct and accurate that you have to know the important facts in your resume.

4. Treat everyone you encounter with respect: Whether you meet security personnel or a peon, treat them how you want to be treated, being rude to your staff will only have bad consequences.

5. Respond truthfully to every question: Firstly, focus on your key strengths and why your background makes you unique and different from others and qualified for the position. While you might want to talk about your hobbies and personal endeavors, you should focus on strictly professional qualities.

6. Way to answering the questions: keep your answers concise and focused. Your time with each interviewer is limited so be mindful of rambling. Practicing your answers beforehand can help keep you focused. Try to form your answers in a positive way this will help to impress the interviewer.

7. Do not speak Negative:  These companies want to hire problem solvers who can overcome tough situations. People with a good sense of humor are also get hired quickly. So, Don’t discourage about your failure. Because failure is the first step of success.

8. Carry a good resume and its copies, have some stationary on you, carry everything you might need during your visit.

9. Dressing Style: Appearances and how you conduct or carry yourself during interviews are very important as well. If you come to an interview the wrong way like drinking coffee you will already have a bad impression and strike against you. Too much perfume is also not good for the interview. Treat the interview seriously.

10. Say Thank You: It’s a basic manner to saying thank you to that person who is your interviewer. Kindly ask for the business card of each person you speak with during the whole interview process.

You can also check out a few courses to gain good interview skills, SkillingYou App has a course based on the same, the app also has a resume builder, to help you make an impressive resume.


About Skilling You

Skilling You, is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. We strive to educate the youth with our prime focus on rural India, equipping learners through our cost-effective, technology-driven, research-based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’. In this dynamic environment and competitive markets, this humble initiative is the first step towards our commitment of empowering the youth with Employability Skills, by creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity. With an aspiration of changing the employment landscape in India, we at Skilling You take a pledge to drive a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and process improvement. In recent years, competition has increased, and job opportunities have reduced. In this competitive world, it isn’t enough to have a degree; one must have something extra, something unique to give them an edge over others.


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