29 June

You probably heard a person saying “I cannot do anything as I have nothing unique in myself”?

But, do you think it is true and that person has never made you feel like “Oh, he/she is great at that, I might not do that”? So yes, my friends, we all meet a person who has some unique qualities, which makes that person one of a kind. Be it, your attitude, habit, perspective, or opinion, what you have is solely yours, and you need not mold your ideas and perspective with what others want you to turn in until you think and your conscience agrees to it. Identify who you are and what are the things that can make you a gem out of the crowd and once you find your exclusiveness, all you need is to keep some points in mind. Standing by your uniqueness is in itself a big task. You might experience a tough time in doing so, but does it anyway mean that you should conceal what the Supreme has merely bestowed to you? No, even if you face torments expressing your uniqueness, you should not stop!

Retaining your uniqueness and flaunting it to others’ needs, confidence, patience, belief in self, and many other things…

Coming to the first tip- CONFIDENCE; Well, before you open your mouth to utter your opinion, you need to be confident enough!  Having trust in yourself and courage to represent your oneness is something that none but you, can practice. Fear of what others would think might distress you but, overcoming each hurdle would come up as another quality of yours! The quality of being certain of your capabilities and adhering to reveal your true colors to the world is imperative and acts as a first step to pave the way toward your exclusive being!


PATIENCE; Shaping your thoughts in exact words, takes time. You need to be relaxed and open-minded rather than biased!  When you sit all alone and self-prospecting, you will come to know what things are really important to you and whatnot. Take a deep breath in, assess your values and try to observe yourself for flaring your latent goodness!


BELIEVE IN YOURSELF; “Oh, no one trusts me, Am I always wrong? No, my dear, admitting a novel thing, takes time and somewhere you need to be too patient to yield and kneel. If today you unveil a fact, say, you are good at observing people and can read their minds, perhaps people will consider that you are building castles in the air. They might find it peculiar and burst in the peel of laughter rather admiring. But all you need at that time is your belief in yourself! Merely your faith and trust will work for you even if things are not in your favour.


KNOWLEDGE– You have something distinct in you, right? But, how would you channelize it to get a positive outcome? So, you need a proper knowledge imparted to you to rise with flying colours. When you would be knowing what the opportunities are and the doors open to utilising your unique criteria, you can even work to make money out of it. Considering the above instance, of the ability to read people’s minds, you might go for education in Psychology (if interested). So, proper knowledge is also a key feature aiding to show your unique identity.


CURIOSITY – Meanwhile, you’re building your confidence and rewarding yourself with appropriate knowledge, one thing you must adhere to is your curiosity in this whole journey. Your willingness to Always-Up for new things and learning more and more will help you to be flexible with your ideas and make more endeavors in refining your uniqueness.


And the day will come when you give a shout-out to yourself! Be the first to change the world and feel proud of what the almighty has bestowed, only to you. Embrace your flaws; embrace your talents. Try to work on the aforementioned tips and your story would be a success!  So, own your miracle and get ready to earn dignity out of your biggest assets!  Felicitation, You become who you are!



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