02 June

Communication is a two-way procedure. You might have fantastic vocabulary or grammar knowledge, but you need to know how to imply it in conversations. Your impression will only last over the other person if you have presented your words and way of speaking more relevant and specific. Undoubtedly, one can express views more directly and fluently in his mother tongue but when it comes to another language, you need to be used to it as well.

Some ways to improve communication skills are-

  • Speak slowly; in early learning stages, you make mistakes and that’s totally okay but when it comes to delivering your viewpoint to the other person or any audience you need to be clearer about your words and speed. Rushing in words will not make your point perfectly clear to the other person. There might be chances of being misheard. By slowly speaking you can also spend your time in choosing the correct words while addressing professionally. It’ll make your opinion sound clear and to the point.
  • Observe your body language; even if you don’t speak a word, but your body language will let the other person observe your interest in the conversation. Let say, you are performing a live interview with the hirer and you’re just sitting numbly in front of the camera; what impression will it impart on the interviewer? He’ll judge you as noninterested or unconfident. Keep nodding your head a wear a confident smile even if you’re nervous, it’ll keep the interviewer even more engaging.
  • Always listen; when we say communication is a two-way procedure, it means you not only have to brag about your views or opinions but also listen to the other person. Listen really carefully to the other person; it’ll help to develop a trustful conversation between the two.
  • Be brief and specific; the word brief is itself an acronym for – background, reason, information, end, follow-up. Don’t layer up the story over the story to explain a particular thing. It’ll make it look more lingered up and noninteresting.
  • Practice! Practice!; To learn anything, the most important key is to practice it on a regular basis. If not additionally, include these steps in your daily lifestyle. Start from home. Interrogate with your sibling or your friends over a particular topic and observe how the other person is speaking. Try to improve yourself by learning practically.

About Nandita Manchanda

Pursuing B.A. English honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am a forever learner, learning through every opportunity I come across.


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