11 September

Do you accept whatever salary is proposed without any negotiation and end up frustrated in the end? Do you think it is rude to negotiate? Are you unable to come up with the right questions to ask? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will try to come up with ways that will help you handle the question of salary negotiation and how to prepare yourself for negotiation.

The first thing that everyone should know is that employer will never give you the salary that you deserve rather you have to fight your way to get it. For that, you need to negotiate and stand your ground, chances that it will make you earn more than the original salary offered. Negotiating will not only increase the amount you are receiving today, but it will also affect the salary you would earn years later.

The whole process of negotiation can be intimidating but the result would end up with more money, and who doesn’t like the idea of getting more money?

Follow the given tips to master the art of negotiation better.

Know your worth

You can’t expect the employer to pay you honest and true if you yourself don’t even know your worth. Think about the knowledge and experience you possess. Think how much of it would be actually useful for the growth of the company. When you are able to know about all these things only then you can know how much you actually deserve.

Know the prices in the market.

Before expecting anything you should know how much the salary is in the market for the position you are applying for. You can check it online or even consult an employer there. When you know the exact amount that is available, only then you can demand.

When you negotiate for the amount (that you have researched about) the employer would know that you are genuinely interested in the job.

How to get the amount you want

If your employer is up for negotiation, then ask for a little more than the amount you desire to have. Any employer is likely to negotiate the amount further and lower the amount. In this way, you are ensuring that you would end up getting the closest to the amount you have wished for.

Why should you be paid more?

If you have been working for any company for more than a year and you feel like your pay should be increased, then you should have proper reasons for it. Why should there be flair in your pay? What have you done to get a bonus or increase in payment?

Make a list of things that would support your answer, maybe you have won any awards, maybe the times when you have killed a presentation, or when you saved your boss. Collect all these shreds of evidence and be ready to show them when the time comes.

Remember the key is to be polite

You should always be polite and professional. No matter how unreasonable the employer is you should always keep your calm and approach the situation with shrewdness or you could end up losing the job.


Practice your speech in front of a mirror, camera or maybe a friend who is willing to listen. The more practice you get the sharper you will become.

Walk-in with confidence and an easy smile on your face that will make you look more open and dependable.

Be ready to say no

You may have cleared many rounds and would have finally reached the last round only to turn down for salary negotiation. In these situations, you should be ready to walk away. You have spent a considerate amount of energy and time but there is no point in accepting a job that is underpaying you. You should know when you have to walk away.

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