16 August

Do you believe that geniuses are born or one becomes a genius? I truly can’t say that I could give you an answer to this question but all I can say is that I could tell you ways to unlock your creative genius.

So, in this article, you will be getting to know ways to unlock your hidden creative genius.


What is Creativity?

First, let’s understand the term Creativity.

Creativity not only means to create something new from a blank state but it also means the ability to combine new and old ideas or thoughts. A creative person joins some new ideas with the already existed ideas in a way that ends up creating something that has never been created by anyone. It is simply a beautiful and mesmerizing process.


Ways to Unlock your Hidden Creative Genius

Here are a few ways that you can try to unlock your hidden creative genius.


  • Give yourself the Freedom to create Junk: Not everything you write or paint or think will be as creative as your best piece. It takes a couple of tries to reach that creative level. You will create a lot of junk on the way to creativity but will eventually find some lines or pieces from that junk that is creative and beautiful. You just need to let yourself flow freely and go with the flow.


  • Keep Practicing: So what if you don’t create something creative every single day. It doesn’t matter if you create something creative every day or after a while. The point is to keep practising your art. And if you keep practising your craft one day you will become a genius at it. Devote some time every day in your craft. Some days you might not feel like doing it, but just don’t give up. Each day you will end up learning something new about your craft.


  • Do not be too harsh on yourself: Stop judging your work. I know it can be really difficult sometimes to not judge your work. But try to not be too harsh. Do not let your judgment take over your delivery of the content or craft. When you work consistently, every day you tend to judge your craft. And being aware of the quality of your content or art is not at all a problem, the problem lies when you start affecting the delivery of your content because of your judgment.


  • Keep Sharing: Start sharing your work publicly, if you don’t. And if you do, keep sharing your work. Sharing your work publicly, be it on your social media or any blog page or anywhere else, helps you get great feedback. Not only do you keep yourself indulge in creating more and more creative things but also get to know about the quality of your work.



To find one’s hidden creative genius is not difficult as a task. Just try to do these above-mentioned things and keep practising, don’t lose hope and one day you might find your creative genius.

About Ambika Sharma

Pursuing English Hons. From Vivekananda institute of professional studies. Want to explore in different fields for further development of my personality.


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