17 August

In today’s time, getting a good job in a reputed company is no cakewalk. It’s a very competitive world and everyone is trying to get the best job for themselves. One needs to be the best to get the best. It is important to market yourself in the best way and to do so, you need to make an impressive and professional CV. CV i.e. Curriculum Vitae is a written overview of one’s educational qualifications and other experiences. This is the full profile of the candidate, his full name, phone number, address, email id, educational qualifications, interests, achievements, soft skills, known languages, computer skills, career goals, marital status, etc. The ideal CV should not be more than 2 or 3 pages of A4 size.


To get a job, one needs to draft a professional CV that leaves a good first impression on the organization. But, not everyone has a lot of experience and then the question that occurs is what to write in a CV and how to make a good first impression without experience?


Don’t worry. Even if you have no experience, you can draft a very powerful CV by following the tips that are listed below and get the job that you desire.


Tips on how to write a good CV without experience


  • Summary Statement

While writing your CV, make sure that you include the summary statement. Here, you need to state your work ethic, your career goals that you wish to achieve. It should be of two to three lines and should be written after your name. A well-written summary statement will make a good impression on the employer. Make sure that the keywords that you use in your summary statement are related to the job field.

  • Decide On A Good Format

Your CV should look presentable and make it presentable, you need to decide on a good format for your CV. There are different formats like chronological, functional, and hybrid. A chronological CV lists the achievement of the candidate in reverse chronological form. Functional CV has its main focus on the candidate’s skills and achievements rather than the experience. Hybrid is the combination of these two. For people without experience, you should choose the functional format as it focuses on skills and achievements rather than experience.

  • List Your Skills 

After you have written the summary statement and have decided on a good format, you should list your skills. Make sure that the skills which you are mentioning in your CV are related to the job field for which you are applying. Since you are writing a CV without experience, this will be a very important section of your CV. Your skills will tell the employer what all you can do and why it will be useful for the company. Make sure to make it impressive. Some skills that you can use are:

  • Time management
  • MS office
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • English/Hindi Proficiency (speaking and writing)
  • Educational Qualifications  

After you have listed your skills, write down your educational qualifications. List all the degrees that you have obtained or the degree that you are currently pursuing. List the institute from where you got that particular degree along with the year in which you got that degree and your percentage.

  • Extracurricular Activities And Volunteer Work

Along with educational qualifications, you need to list extracurricular activities and volunteer work in your CV. Extracurricular activities can include anything like playing a musical instrument or playing any sports. Mentioning the extracurricular activities will portray that you have passion and a positive attitude and you can do things beyond just the academic field. You can mention any volunteer work of which you have been a part. While mentioning the volunteer work, do mention your role, the hours or dates for which you volunteered, and other details.

  • Awards And Accomplishments 

After listing down your qualifications, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work, mention your awards and accomplishments. You can write about all the awards on the academic and extracurricular levels.


After creating a CV using the above-mentioned tips, you can make a powerful CV that will ensure your place in your desired company even without experience.

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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies.


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