17 August

Education is not just a one-way occurrence anymore. ‘A piece of paper can’t decide my future" is happening now! Indeed, scoring well on paper makes you capable of an interview or job but it doesn’t add any vivacious appearance to it until you have the learning implemented practically.


A great shift has taken place in the traditional hiring techniques. Today hirers look for more practical skills than the on-paper score. Soft skills have been ranked exceptionally great in the techniques of hiring. They look for what skills you have to perform specific tasks and how do you handle them if things go down the track. More lively and practical employees took over book worms now.


Additionally, the Education system needs to realize that cramming for tests doesn’t go to make any difference, practical learning like how the GDPs will rise or fall or how the economic engine will sustain, needs to be optimized.  The group projects should be a group effort because majorly one work and others just watch the show. This will allow you to work in sync with a group when you work for a company in the future.  Hard skills are of course essential but soft skills are even more essential. It’s like if you don’t have soft skills, you can’t access hard skills.


The rapid growth in technologies like Robotics and Artificial intelligence brings new curiosity, new questions, new difficulties, and new technology of course.  And to achieve success in these, one has to be a more flexible experimenter and adapter than a rigid learner.


All this cannot be learned in 3-4 years that is probably the age 18-22. The whole education system has to toss the traditional techniques of learning and inculcate new and adaptive learning methods starting exactly from primary schools. We need to redefine the whole of education. Changes are always better and so do in learning. We need to get rid of the typical same learning every day. Some curriculum challenges, interrogations, and independent learning will surely impact the learning process of individuals.


We can make the world less miserable by making it independent. Inculcating things like entrepreneurship in daily schooling can make us a sovereign contractor rather than fixing our life in a burdened and lifelong job. Learning reality than fairy tales in schools will make us ready for the future. Looking after our environment and communities will be way better than looking at a textbook as it will provide us with a reality check about the pains and struggles of our brothers.  This barrier between reality and education needs to be taken down as soon as possible.


Earlier education provides you with facts and figures which were established in your head once and for all. But now what education should provide should be not only facts and figures but also how and why they become facts. You should be able to put forth questions every time you come to know a fact or a figure. See how it’ll eventually become a lifelong process and not conventional learning. You’ll discover, you’ll question and you’ll keep on learning more. This is not just restricted to classrooms but also to study fields, labs, and projects. And that’s exactly what should be the motto of recreated education.


Of course, your research about which course matches your passion but always keep a reality check on yourself. Your passion or interests might get change with the course of time and also the working trends, for which you must have at least a plan B if plan A doesn’t work. This is where your adaptability and flexibility will be checked.


Lastly, your life mission comes first then your degree or qualifications. Learning just for the sake of a degree is not worth it. Education that can’t impact our real life is not education but just a textbook with no morals.


Educators should inculcate challenges and problem-solving tasks in daily learning lessons rather than the same old texts. It’ll only help them to score on paper but not in life. Don’t bound kids with restrictions in the name of discipline. Discipline is also varied in every aspect. But the impact of discipline must contribute to the cause of learning. Experiments take nothing but research with the wilderness. Learning must be universal and relevant to world trends.

About Nandita Manchanda

Pursuing B.A. English honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am a forever learner, learning through every opportunity I come across.


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