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Motivation springs from the word “motive” which suggests human desire, wants, and needs. It’s a process that guides, initiates, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.

Satisfaction is an act of fulfilling our wants, needs, or the sensation gained by the accomplishment of our work. Whereas Job satisfaction may be a measure of worker’s contentedness with their job, whether or not they just like the job or not. There are three varieties of components of Job Satisfaction:

  1. Evaluative Job Satisfaction: Whether I prefer or dislike the task.
  2. Cognitive Job Satisfaction: My work is challenging and interesting.
  3. Behavioral: I’m reliable and that I push.

There is a high need for managers to grasp issues associated with organizational job satisfaction. It’s quite tempting that job satisfaction is just being happy. The prime motive of a company should be employee satisfaction.

In our normal life also, Motivation plays a vital role. Like, allow us to take Education. If our teachers and fogeys wouldn’t motivate us to require proper education, are we even visiting study for the exams? NO! An enormous NO! If our teachers or parents wouldn’t tell us about the rewards that we’ll get after studying, unfortunately; nobody will prefer to study. As at school at 10th standard, we run behind marks to induce a reputed and interested college.

Similarly, in a company, an employee needs the motivation to figure more hard and efficiently. This motivation provides employee satisfaction. An Employee’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction together with his or her job may result in an exceedingly combination of several factors. These may include salary and rewards, infrastructure, various up-coming opportunities, relationships with co-workers, etc. If we adapt Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this theory explains the right need of employees together with motivation.

Various varieties of motivation for the employees:

  • Job Security: Some companies employ workers temporarily for years together. The guarantee of employment motivates the staff to figure harder. Job security provides job satisfaction, which motivates to figure with full dedication and concentration.
  • Remuneration and Allowances: A corporation should pay adequate wages and other incentives like bonuses, overtime allowance, etc. Fixed remuneration and suitable increments are essential. This proves as a good motivation for the workers.
  • Promotion: Everyone wants to grow big and go higher, promotion is been the best motivation for the workers to figure more effectively and efficiently.
  • Fair treatment to all or any employees: When all the workers are treated equally, team management becomes easier and employees enjoy doing their work.
  • InfrastructureAn honest infrastructure is that the right of the staff working in a corporation. a correct chair, adequate lights, computers, fans, etc.
  • Proper Breaks and breakfast: An employee almost spends 6-8 hours daily within the office. Proper breaks like lunch break, a minimum of coffee breaks, etc. are incredibly important for the worker to figure with more dedication. This can be also a kind of human motivation for essential needs.

Satisfaction and Motivation are Inter-dependent and Inter-linked.

People spend 70% of their life at the workplace and understanding what makes them happy at the workplace is crucial. Job Satisfaction has positive and negative factors. These factors can affect customer satisfaction and also the profitability of the corporate. The corporate must understand what satisfies their employees and the way they will motivate them to figure harder. Job Satisfaction and Motivation are the two important concepts that contribute to the success of any organization. Most likely, managers believe that employee satisfaction is predicated on the behavior of the workplace. In most of the situations, job satisfaction provides high motivation. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction in one’s job can even consolidate employee’s motivation.

Motivation is distinguished into two types:

Looking at the staff we will identify motivation into 2 type’s i.e.

  • Self-Motivated Employee.
  • The employee whose motivation depends on external aspects of workplace and job.

It has been said that a self-motivated employee is more likely to be employment satisfied employee also. Therefore, gaining some depth of insight into the dynamics of motivation can even help managers identify ways during which they will promote self-motivation among workers. In this way, it can help to extend employee performance within the workplace and ultimately maximize the organization’s profitability.

Why job satisfaction and human motivation are important?

Till now we’ve got been seen about happiness may be a must at the workplace and maybe a key for organizational success. And also how organizational benefits can increase job satisfaction and reduce the negative factors. a corporation should be a visible place where people work and spend most of their daytime features a strong impact on their feelings, actions, and thoughts. There are great growing responsibilities among the managers to know the worker’s degree of motivation and the way happy and fulfilled they’re from their job.

Conditions that satisfy employees are vital to higher understand what factors promote and influence job satisfaction and motivation. Similarly, seeking their ideal worker, managers must create a satisfying and happy working environment. Additionally, managers must even have an honest grasp of their organization’s performance needs, to use motivational processes suitable for the kind of workers at that institution. There’s a counterintuitive link between job satisfaction and human motivation. They work hand-in-hand.

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