15 September

The global workplace forces us to refine our communication skills. Irrespective of the field, job, and expertise, you need to have good communication skills to move up the ladder. Emails are generally used for business communication purposes, communicating with professors, applying for jobs and scholarships, etc. Email is a good way of communication when you want to stay in touch with a person who is hard to reach via telephone. Emails are important when you want to send a message with an electronic file like documents, spreadsheets, and some important official records. These are helpful when you want to send the same information to a large no. of people quickly. Moreover, emails help to keep written records of information. These are helpful when you want to refer back to what someone said in an earlier message. Emails are also a good source of proof. For example: if you want to show the proof of the product that you paid for. In such cases, email becomes the best digital source for records.
The following points illustrate the importance of email writing skills-

• Email writing ensure effective business communication-
Emails help a company contact with employees, partners, and clients. Your email must be tailored in a proficient and precise yet informative way. This way the recipient will clearly understand your message and this helps in effective business communication. Poorly written emails are difficult to be understood by the recipients which hamper the business relations.

• Email writing skills helps employers make the difference between “good” and “bad” employees-
Through email writing skills it becomes easy for the employer to make the difference between professional and unprofessional employees. Besides knowledge, the employees who are good at composing clear emails make a good impression on their clients and employer. In such a case, the employer always prefers those having good writing skills for communication purposes. The employees who can represent themselves and the company in a clear and professional manner are always chosen for advanced promotions. So, to excel in professional life, one should learn how to draft good and professional emails.

• You demonstrate your intelligence-
Good email writing skills help to express intelligence. If you make frequent grammatical errors or misspellings of words, then it becomes difficult for you to survive in the company for the long term. You may see those errors as minor but professionals do notice such things. Therefore, to write effective emails you should always proofread your emails before sending it. Well drafted mails will present you a smarter person in front of the receiver.

• Good writers are reliable-
People who write good emails are perceived as more reliable and trustworthy by the seniors. Let us suppose that you receive an email full of grammatical errors and misspellings of words. How will you perceive the sender?
You may perceive the sender as non-competent or you may perceive the sender as unprofessional or unintelligent. None of the cases are satisfactory for the sender. Therefore, writing good emails makes you more responsible and your chances of promotion also increase.

• Email writing skills help to keep good records-
It is a good business practice to keep a record of each information. Oral information is unreliable and cannot be remembered for too long. Therefore, one needs to have written records of information. Emails are the best source to keep the information. The information communicated through an email can be kept for as long as possible.

• You boost your professional confidence-
A person who writes good emails can reach and attract more potential customers, investors or find partners. Sometimes emails are also composed to attract your seniors. So, when your email writing skills lead to the successful completion of a project, you become more confident. You get inspired and satisfied.

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