15 September

When communication takes place between two individuals, It is said to be interpersonal. Communication can take place in any form, verbally, non verbally, through gestures, through eye moments, different postures and so on. Interpersonal communication can only be made successful if both the individuals involved have a common interest in the field of experience. These skills are the ones we use in our daily lives while interacting with others. An individual having strong interpersonal skills is more likely to be successful in their professional and personal life.

As we know that interpersonal communication is a two-way process which means that feedback plays a major role in completing the process of communication, therefore a student requires to have interpersonal skills otherwise the communication between a teacher and student is not at all interpersonal. Interpersonal skills for students are necessary due to the following reasons:
1. Helping students clear the doubts
If a student gets any doubt related to any topic, then it can only be cleared by communicating with the teacher. Therefore, a student needs to know how to communicate interpersonally. If a student hesitates to communicate with the teacher due to fear or low confidence then the concept which is left understood will not be cleared which will hamper the academic progress of the student.
2. To develop friendly nature with others
A student requires to be friendly with others in school and college. Having interpersonal communication with others helps them to make new friends having a similar mindset and goals. Having people of the same mindset and attitude around instils a feeling of cooperation and this helps in achieving the goals.

3. Career Development
Effective communication, confidence, and knowledge are required at the time of interviews. A student that does not possess strong interpersonal skills often fails to clear the interview no matter how much knowledge he has. Therefore, confident physical expressions are required to get the job. Moreover, strong interpersonal communication skills help students to find the best job for themselves which helps in their career development.
4. To develop teamwork and collaborative attitude: –
Interpersonal skills help students in enhancing their teamwork quality. A positive attitude, having gratitude for others, mutual effort in solving the problem with other team members helps them to learn how to work as a team. This also helps them to develop leadership quality which helps them in the future while communicating with their clients over text or voice calls.
Therefore, students need to improve their interpersonal skills while they are in school and college so that communication will not become a wall in their future lives.
5. Interpersonal skills are necessary for students in social networking: –
Communicating in a group discussion, debate or family functions, a student must know when to speak, what to speak and give others a fair chance to speak. They should know that listening helps an individual to reach a new conclusion about a subject. They should speak without hurting the feelings of others. A student needs to have a sense of cooperation and tolerance for others which helps them to become a better individual. This boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem which helps in shaping their personality.
6. To Improve the presence of mind and memory enhancement: –
When students communicate, listen or understand the subject matter, it will improve their focus and presence of mind. As we know, focus is a must requirement for the student to achieve success in life. The presence of the mind also improves their communication skills and memory.
A person that possesses good interpersonal skills is more likely to have strong bonds with others. Good interpersonal skills are a sign of a well-educated person. Therefore, if a student needs to stand out of the crowd, then he/she must possess strong interpersonal skills.

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