17 September

Soft skills are the skills that are composed of social and communication skills, personality and career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients that enable people to survive in their environment, interact with others, perform well, and achieve their targets with complementing hard skills. An individual that possesses very low emotional intelligence quotient is very hard to get along with. These are the skills that do not involve the knowledge possessed by an individual. Rather they include qualities like common sense, dealing with people and a positive attitude. Any skill which can be classified as a personality trait or habit can be termed as a soft skill. Soft skills play a vital role in career development and social interactions with people. Therefore, a student needs to acquire these skills for their career success and education. The following soft skills need to be acquired by a student:

1. LEADERSHIP SKILLS:- Students get many opportunities where they can take up the charge of a leader. Leadership skills involve having effective coordination with the co-members of the team and taking the right decisions for the team. A student that possesses these skills will surely achieve success in life. For eg. the individuals who lead projects for the company and makes them successful becomes an asset for the company. Therefore, they become an eminent part of the company. So their chances of taking up higher posts and promotion increases. This helps them in achieving success in their respective fields. Hence, a student should learn leadership skills before entering into professional life.

2. DEPENDABILITY:- Being dependable means others can trust you with responsibilities. Students having such skills tend to grow faster in their professional life as compared to others. Students should learn how to take up responsibilities for the betterment of their future. Dependability means what you commit, you get that done. This makes the employer perceive you as a reliable employee.

3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS:- Communication skills help in healthy interaction with others. These skills include reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students having good communication skills do not hesitate to ask doubts from the teachers. Moreover, these skills also help them in delivering speeches, presentations effectively in front of others. Nowadays, most of the students have stage fear. They hesitate to speak in front of a crowd. Therefore, good communication skills help them to get rid of stage fear. Hence, these skills build up their self-confidence which helps them in further during the interviews.

4. MOTIVATION:- Students should be able to motivate themselves to get tasks done, and take the initiative to find new ways to improve upon themselves and their work. These skills help them to contribute to the success of their workplace in the future.

5. CREATIVITY:- Creativity helps a student to find new and interesting ways to solve a problem. It also leads to the broadening of imagination. Students need to follow a creative approach which helps them to understand the world in a better way. This also helps them to come up with answers which help to reach new conclusions about any topic. Students having creative minds tend to grab jobs faster as compared to the competitors

6. ADAPTABILITY: Adaptability means the ability to adapt to changing work conditions. Students who know how to work in changing work conditions and work under pressure can work for the long term in any organization. Life in a job becomes like a roller-coaster sometimes. The students who know how to deal with the chaos can face any problems in their professional as well as personal life.

7. TIME MANAGEMENT:- Time management is the most effective tool to lead a peaceful and successful life. The students  who know how to manage the workload, prioritize their goals can make rapid growth in their professional life.

8. TEAMWORK:- Students should know how to work as a team. They should know that working together always helps in producing good quality results. They should have tolerance for other team members. They should know to respect other’s point of view as well.

9. INTRAPERSONAL SKILLS:- These are the skills that help individuals to know themselves in a better way. These skills help you understand yourself, your emotional intelligence, your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions on things. These skills help students turn into better leaders, with adequate knowledge about themselves. Students get to know their stand on many decisions and ideas. Only when they try to understand themselves, they will be able to understand others.

10. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS:- Once students understand themselves, they will start noticing how other people work. Inter-Personal skills are those skills that help you understand the intelligence and behavior of other people with whom you work. These skills become necessary when it comes to working in groups

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