30 May

Instagram is one of the foremost popular and leading social media platform in today’s world. Several users from around the world use Instagram to talk and spread their messages from one person to a distinct. It’s widely utilized by various brands to showcase their products, upcoming projects, and plenty of more things.

Nowadays, we mostly see many different terms on Instagram such as Instagram Celebrities, Instagram Influencer as well as social media celebrities, and many more. And we might wonder how does one become an Instagram celebrity or Influencer?  And how do one get so many followers and likes? Also, how to post on Instagram so that one can target such a large audience?

Following are some tips on how to become a social media celebrity which would help you to target a larger audience:

Upload Stories and Posts more!

In this virtual world, one might need to upload various posts on a regular basis to help them engage with their audience. Not only Instagram posts but also Instagram stories might help one to engage with their audience and to spread their message as well as get more and more followers. Posts and Stories need to have an interesting point of view to provide followers with something new every day so that one might not get bored of the same, regular things. The pattern you make on your Instagram needs to be appealing and attractive. One should try to be innovative and post on relevant topics so that the audience could relate to it.

Quality Content

You need to have good quality content on your Instagram such as one should upload a decent quality photograph on posts and stories so followers could get a good view of that photo. As humans, tend to bend toward those pictures which have decent quality, are interesting as well as soothing. People look to the message one might want to deliver with their posts, so to become a social media celebrity on Instagram you would need to post Quality content with a message, good quality picture as well as have a soothing sensation. Make sure that you have genuine content. Use your passions, talents, and showcase them to the world.

Use Hashtags

In the world of Instagram and Facebook, hashtags have become a useful tool to reach out to a number of people. By using hashtags on posts and stories, one might be able to connect with a lot to people on Instagram. Use various trending hashtags through which your post would be trendy and relevant. One needs to go with the flow and obviously with the use of trending hashtags one could become famous. But you could post unique hashtags on your posts to stand out from the crowd.

Aesthetic appeal

Have a color palette, soothing appeal to your profile. Most of the Instagram celebrities have a distinct personality and a different pattern to their Instagram profile which has an aesthetic pleasure and create an engaging platform for their followers.

Be consistent

One needs to be patient and consistent to become Instagram famous as it requires a lot of effort and time to plan, post, and engage with followers. You need to be patient as it might take a while to have a large number of audience. But at the same time one needs to take a break and not post more and let their audience miss them for a while to create excitement in their followers.

All in all, you need to have a good engaging platform that allows your followers to interact with you and at the same time know more about you by your posts, stories as well as by your Instagram profile.

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