29 June

Recently SSC and HSC results of some state boards were declared. And the remaining will be declared soon. Some of you may be getting promoted due to this pandemic situation. Now it becomes very important to choose the right career option. Because of competition and the fast-growing world, your mistakes while choosing a career will not be very good. Many Indian people committed suicide due to stress and depression caused by workload. It’s well said that do work you are really interested in or make your hobby your career. So here I will be sharing some very interesting career opportunities rather than engineering, medical, business management, and law that you may be interested in.

  1. Performing Arts

 Recently banned “Tik Tok” app has developed great confidence in Indian youth. Many of them were appreciated a lot. So performing arts is the career option for those who like acting, singing, and dancing. While some other performing arts are opera, magic performance, mimicry, standup comedy, and public speaking. In short, it is whatever is being performed on stage. Nowadays it is one of the growing career options. Many universities and institutions in India are providing a professional degree in performing arts.

  1. Creative/Content Writing

Many people have a hobby in writing; they write poems and some paragraphs. But they don’t get published many times and so don’t get recognized by others. Now writing has become a career, many of the leading organizations are hiring writers. Creative writing opportunities include film scriptwriting and song lyrics writing. While content writers are hired for journalism, technical writing, copywriting, and blog writing. You can learn this professionally from various online learning platforms. And also from various universities.

  1. Digital Creator/Social Media Influencer

Many Indian YouTubers are making millions of money by their presence on the internet. Many social media platforms have given a chance to show their talent to millions of people from our home. If you think you have such ability then you can choose this as your career. While social media influencing means creating impact and convincing the viewers. Once you influence social media then there are many options like advertisements. The most important thing is it does not require any degree.

  1. Animation and Multimedia Expert

The craze of movies having thrilling action is increasing day by day. And demand for animators and VFX experts is also increasing. And now it has come up as a career opportunity. There are many institutes in-country that are providing professional training on this. As Indian cinema is also using animations and VFX so it will be a great option for those who are interested in animations.

  1. Hospitality Services

This does not only mean medical services. It includes hospital management, hotel management, and restaurant management. Hospitality services have become one of the highest-paid professions in the country and world. There are many institutes in the country providing professional education in the field of hospitality services.


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Hi, I am Aman Bhat from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I am pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. My hobbies include reading, writing, and oration I also have an interest in music.


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