17 August

An interview is a way more formal and structured conversation between the interviewer, the one who asks questions and the interviewee, the one who answers those questions. An interview usually takes place in person but due to recent COVID situations, some of the companies have turned up to telephonic or online interviews, especially for hiring interns.

Whenever it comes to preparing for an interview, we all get very nervous about how should we prepare for it and impress the other person in front of us? What type of questions will they ask, what qualities or skills will they look for? What are the tricks or hacks to be kept in mind to crack an interview? Well, the interview has been hyped so much that everyone is scared of it. But let me tell you friends, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. You just need to have some specific set of skills and guess what, you will be prepared for giving an amazing interview and impress the interviewer to hire you for the position you applied for.


Now let us discuss some effective interview skills which are required to crack or give an excellent interview, and make yourselves stand out from others.


1.Research about the company

The first and the foremost important step to be taken after getting an interview call is to research the company. Grab basic information about the company, what are their goals, what are their achievements, milestones, etc. Those candidates who have basic knowledge about the company are preferred more as compared to those who don’t. So always keep this point in your mind to research the company before you appear for an interview.


2.Practice for common Interview questions

There are some common questions which are asked by everyone like ‘Introduce yourself’, ‘Why do you want to apply for this position’, ‘Why should I hire you’, etc. Prepare impressive answers to these questions. This increases the chances of you getting selected by at least 50%. Study and research about the position you have applied for and then prepare your answers. Once prepared, practice your answers out loud in front of your friends or family members. This will give you the confidence to present yourself better.


3.Know your resume

You should be aware of all the points you mentioned in your resume and the reasons behind mentioning that. The person will ask questions after analyzing your resume so you should know how to answer those questions. For example; if you mentioned that you were a member of some club or society in your college, then they might ask you what was your role there? You need to be prepared for such types of questions. Tie your answers back to your skills and previous experiences.


4.The interview is a two-way process

Employers look for people who are interested in the job and will be able to prove themselves a good asset for the company. This can be done when you interact during an interview. Ask questions like ‘Please explain my day to day responsibilities’, ‘How will my performance be measured’, ‘What challenges are you facing currently’, etc. This shows that you are very much interested in the job and will be able to perform your tasks accordingly.


5.Wear formal attire

The very first thing someone would notice about you will be what are you wearing and how presentable you look. Obviously, you cannot wear your comfy pyjamas or tees during an interview so, wear formal clothes, comb your hair well, put on a tie, polish your shoes, wear a watch and be smart. The person taking your interview should be impressed by the very first sight of you.


6. Be on time

Punctuality is very important. Put an alarm so that you can wake up and get ready for your interview. Be clear about the route a day before so that you can leave your house accordingly. Try to reach the place 30 minutes before so that you can observe the environment well, gain confidence, and give the best of yourself.


7.Focus on body language and mannerisms

Greet everyone formally once you enter the building. Show respect towards each person and don’t be rude in any situation. Watch your body language, sit, or stand straight. Do not let emotions like anxiety or nervousness come on your face. Take a deep breath and trust yourself. You will be able to perform well.


Summing up

These are some of the tips or skills which you need to follow while preparing for your interview. This will increase the chances of you getting hired. Always remember the interview is about you, how you present yourself in front of others. If you learn to do so, no one can stop you from getting a good job.

Good Luck!

About Muskan Khurana

Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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