28 May

‘Everything happens for a reason…’

We all have heard this and might have said it as well, to others or ourselves from time to time in any unfortunate situations. There might be some hidden good even in this lockdown phase, perhaps!

Pandemics have a history and so its relation with our mental health. Due to the outbreak of this Novel Corona Virus or Covid-19, we are encouraged to stay indoors for our safety; however, this whole lockdown thing has left people more confused and prone to mental illness.

Staying indoors for an indefinite time has taken a toll on the minds of people, especially students. The feeling of chaos has seized their minds. Their exams were called off in the middle due to this pandemic, leaving them puzzled as to when they were supposed to have graduated from school or college; they are sitting at home with complete uncertainty.

Students are feeling anxious and impatient as being locked up in their houses for an indefinite time was certainly never a part of their routine. When life suddenly goes on halt and routine is not a routine anymore; minds can get overwhelmed with the amount of change.

Well, nowadays schools and colleges take the mental health of their students quite seriously, like by appointing a psychologist or a councilor they have taken some measures to help.

Even CBSE has said,” This time of “lockdown” has brought a golden opportunity to children, teachers, and parents.”

Let’s see how it is an opportunity for educators :

  • Time to improve- it is a perfect time to improve and upgrade your skills, making them more advanced, including discovering new methods for the use of technology.
  • Time to build- this lockdown as given us time in abundance, take it as an opportunity to build your relationship with your students with the help of technology.
  • Time to explore- now is the time to explore possibilities, to learn about your students, and to find what makes them tick and keeps them going or what is bothering them.
  • Time to search- to look out for answers and ways to help your students and how to motivate them, to help them overcome their fears, etc.

What all can an educator do to protect the mental health of their students:

  • Interact – There are so many mediums you can connect with your students via zoom, Google meet, Google duo, etc. While doing so, keep a sharp eye on their behavior and look for signs.

Like the way they talk, if they are having any suicidal thoughts, if they are feeling anxious, or having any drastic mood swings.

  • Help, help, help! – If you do notice something, help them without making them feel abnormal. Teachers know their students and by interacting with them, you have already built up a connection; use that to take them out of their shell and talk about whatever they are going through.

Create a faithful and trustful environment, so they feel safe and protected and helping you to help them.

  • Lockdown you need to make them understand that this is not going to go forever and will eventually come to an end. Make them see the bright side and encourage them to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Do something, anything- ask and help them to build a routine and do something creative with their time. Developing a hobby will be perfect for them to utilize their time and keep their mind occupied.

Because it is going to end one day and we have to keep swimming till then.

About Ashi Jain

Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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