30 May

In this situation of COVID-19, the demand for remote jobs has been increasing day by day. One might be confused by the term remote jobs at first, well it is a confusing topic. Let’s first discuss the remote job and what is it.

What is a remote job?

A remote job is a type of job which doesn’t require you to come to the office and work there. In fact, one can work at any remote location such as work from home. It provides one with an opportunity to work outside the traditional office environment. And also has various advantages of doing so. One need not worry about commuting from their house to office which saves their time and money. One could work in a comfortable environment which results in higher productivity and increase the quality of work. This type of working style also helps in creating a work-life balance.

High demand skillsets for remote jobs

Due to Coronavirus, there has been ample demand for remote jobs, and if one has to have some skill sets for remote jobs. Below are some highest demand skillsets for remote jobs and if you don’t have those skills, you need not worry as one could always develop and learn those skills.

Digital Marketing

One of the most in-demand skillsets is Digital or Online Marketing. Digital marketing requires one to have knowledge of SEO, Traffic Generation, Analytics, Content Coordination, Social media campaign planning. These are some of the skillsets required to become a remote digital marketer. One should always have an interest in analytics and know the latest about the internet.

Web Development

Web development is yet another in-demand skillset. A developer is a big term with different categories. It could include, software development, application development, web designing, and many more. This is not among the easiest skills to learn but one can always start and try to learn as there are ample resources. One needs to have knowledge of programming languages, algorithms, databases, and encryption.

As it is a wide term, you can always move to the specific and learn those skills. For example- one can choose Java Development as the skill and it cuts off the other skillsets and helps you to concentrate on the specific skill.


If you are interested in designing or are good at presenting information, then it is your way to go. Designing can include graphic designing, web designing, logo making, animations, and so many other categories. You can always move from general to specific such as you can target your focus at web designing and could even refine it by just concentration on the specific and learning skills for User Interaction design (UI) or User Experience design (UX). Freelance jobs can also help in making a good resume and most of the designers do freelancing for some time.


Copywriting include different categories and as we know it is better to be specific than general. Some of the categories are PR, Product Descriptions, sales and ad copy, web pages.  Copywriting can be your thing if you are into translating difficult and complex content into a simple and engaging one. You might need to have some skills such as a good writing sensibility and style and many others.

Data science

With the use of technology and the internet, data science is also the highest demand skillset for remote jobs. If you have an interest in analyzing data, storing, and making good use of it, then this is the best skill to have. As companies, nowadays have a huge demand for data science to help them grow. There are plenty of resources you can learn from, only if you are into it.


This is a chance for you to enhance your skills and enter into the world of remote jobs as with the help of the internet and technology and keeping in mind the situation that is going on, these are the highest demand skillsets for remote jobs.

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