16 May

In the modern world, where being a graduate and owning a degree in a certain course is considered to be good for nothing unless you have the skills to convert information into knowledge and bring that knowledge into application, these are the times where industries require a proof for these skills other than just a piece of paper. Online courses have proved to be one of the finest methods to enhance your skills and provide you with the “IQ Factor” that most companies are looking for. In today’s world just getting a degree is not enough to fetch you a job in a top, leading company, you need to have a set of skills to stand out. Soft Skills are a set of skills that helps you in shining amidst a crowd full of people shining the names of their colleges and degrees to outshine or out speak anybody that might have a chance in ruling them out as it helps in enhancement of the personality by refining sets of importance and necessity. It is a combination of individual skills, social skills, communication skills, character development, personality traits, attitude adjustment, career attributes, and social cum emotional intelligence quotients. With a simpler definition ‘soft skills’ is a term used for defining the behavior and personality traits that you generally display when put in different situations.  Some of the basic soft skills may include:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Decision making
  • Public speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Visual presentations
  • Leadership skills
  • Work ethic
  • Importance

ICIMS (leading cloud recruiting platform) Hiring Insights (2017) found that “Ninety-four percent of recruiting professionals believe an employee with stronger soft skills has a better chance of being promoted to a leadership position than an employee with more years of experience but weaker soft skills.” Soft skills help in providing you an edge that will ultimately help you to shine brighter than the pale shades of skills the rest of the world would display. Acquiring hard skills is easier than acquiring soft skills, which are important in the workplace because;

1) Every other workplace demands one on one interaction between the customers and the clients.

2) They help in making the employees more adaptable towards each kind of a customer they might cross their paths with and help in attracting new clients, retaining them and gain more work from the already existing ones.

3) As there has been a tremulous increment in the usage of artificial intelligence, in the industrial arena, it is estimated that by 2030 “Soft skills-intensive occupations” will account for two-thirds of the jobs and hence will be really high in demand.

4) Strong soft skills help in creating a productive and healthy work environment. They are also highly demanded by the customers because they can ultimately make or break a deal. As witnessed in this modern market the consumers have an infinite number of deals to choose from, thanks to technology, they sound viable to good customer service, which can be provided with the help of strong soft skills.

5) Hard skills are inadequate without soft skills. Just having the knowledge without a proper way of implementation is useless

How can you improve them?

  • Various online platforms are providing courses that will help you improve your soft skills. These online courses are either free of cost or charge a required fee and teach you the basic soft skills that are required to enhance your personality and skillset and overall make you a better candidate. The various benefits of online soft skills training courses are:
  • They are quite affordable.
  • As they charge no fee or minimum fees they are quite reasonable to take part in and can be done by almost everyone who has an internet connection.
  • Highly reputed universities and companies are providing quality content.
  • They are easy to understand and at most times more effective than regular classes or no training at all.
  • Teachers that teach that particular skills are masters in that and hence provide quality content.
  • Doubt classes are also provided

“Skilling You” is one such platform that is providing with online English speaking class for a very basic fee and the content they are providing with is of utmost quality and is very beneficial and informative. It helps in acquiring a basic understanding of the English language that ultimately helps in the betterment of communication skills.

About Pratyusha Dash

Currently pursuing English Honours at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am currently in my first year. I am also doing an online creative writing course from Internshala which is ongoing.


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