17 May

Learning is never-ending, one who keeps on learning passes all the hindrances within the blink of an eye. In the 21st century knowledge is the only way out in the chaotic world yet people at a certain age tend to put a halt to their journey of learning for they think that they know enough to survive. In other cases, people have to give up their education due to catering to other necessities. However, knowledge has never harmed anyone.
The majority mistakes the term knowledge with academic abilities and totally ignores the fact that knowledge is so much more than that. The personality of an individual is determined by his non-technical skills rather than their technical academic glories. Whenever you meet someone, you naturally judge them for their communication skills or how they behave with you or the people around them, if you give out your wrong impression things might go south for you.
Luckily to master that art, apps like Skilling You are available on android platforms. Apps like such provide us with a chance to explore our soft skills and work on them. Soft skills can be defined as skills which explore the non-technical yet important, first being

Communication Skill

1. Good communication skills are extremely important in today’s world, such skills help immensely to form newer connections and make the person more convincible.
2. They allow people to deliver their thoughts in a well organized and in a comprehensible manner.
3. Listening and emotional control are two of the key features of good communication skills.
1. Teamwork plays an important role in the development of the character, it is also a significant role to create an environment where loyalty and friendship could prosper.
2. Such an environment helps to make teammates work harder and co-operate with each other


1. Being dependent on someone is not always as bad as it sounds being dependable is one of the most required characteristics of an employee.
2. Bing dependable not only shows a lack of insecurities but makes the person more responsible.


1. This key feature allows the person to change themselves according to their suitable environment, this is imperative for everyone who wants to stick around for the long run.
2. Survival of the fittest!

Conflict resolution or Problem Solving

1. This key element helps to remove clashes within any sort of relationship either personal or professional.
2. It is critical for achieving more goals and making concrete accomplishments.


1. Leadership is essential when one aims to co-ordinate people.
2. It helps to attain a better relationship with co-workers.


1. It showcases reliability and commitment to the goal.
2. One needs to think positively and productive to stay motivated.


1. The ability to make quick decisions.
2. The decisions should not be reckless.

The ability to work under time and pressure

1. The ability to manage work under a short period
2. Most jobs have deadlines and this ability could be a lifesaver.

All such skills are a few of the lot, and these skills are crucial for our day to day survival in the society, schools and educational institutions don’t have a curriculum that is inclined towards soft skills, as a result, children turn into adults who lack these values which later troubles them in the careers.
Today, we have the option of getting a certification without going back to any school. Apps like Skilling You offer you a platform where you could excel in any of your soft skills at minimum prices.
The app offers you…
• Courses like “Certification on Grooming”, “Negotiation Skills”, “Certification on Email Etiquette”, “APT”, “Interview skills”, “certified Loan Expertise” and much more.
• The app also provides you with a personalized list of recommended jobs.
• It also provides you with live modules that help to have a virtual learning experience.
• Unlike other apps, Skilling You provides you with free videos on specific topics.

Soft skill certification is the future of learning, it is how the basic foundation of any enterprise is formed. Many people lack such skills and now they have a chance of learning all those skills as they are simply just a click away.

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