03 September

This academic year is on the brink of end. Once the government clears the examination confusion, many students of the final and pre-final year are going to be appearing for interviews; for jobs or higher studies. A number of you will want to do a job in private companies while a number of you may want a job in the government sector and organizations. But in any stream interview is the most common and important step in the selection process of any organization. Many of the organizations conduct 2-3 rounds of interviews to settle on the best candidate. So it’s important to understand several basic but important things that have to be followed during the interview.

I am going to tell you some such things here

  1. Attire- It’s always said that “the first impression is the last impression”. When you appear for an interview you won’t directly try to talk with them. First, they will look at your attire and body language. So it’s necessary to appear well put in front of them. You ought to not wear a very fancy attire; you must be formally dressed. Wear light color clothes, have a simple hairstyle. Wear ironed clothes. Wear a tie; shoes must be formal. You can use mild perfume.
  2. Practice- Never appear for an interview without practice. Do practice the technical details of the sector and post you’re applying for. Collect information about the organizations, if unsure about exact figures within the data you’re telling, use approximate figures; ask for clarification if you do not understand anything. But don’t reply without understanding the question. You can refer to various YouTube videos for commonly asked questions of that individual or particular role.
  3. Confidence and Optimism- Whenever someone appears for an interview he/she/they may get nervous, but every time you ought to not lose your confidence. Stay confident while giving answers and during the whole duration of the interview; even if you don’t know the answer, confidently admit it. Because confidence is one of the factors which is checked by interviewers along with knowledge and skills. And one more thing I must add, don’t be overconfident and control your emotions. It does not create a good impression. Be optimistic, don't lose hope. Interviewers may try to check optimism in you in the work you will do; while giving you various situations
  4. Etiquettes- This thing also comes under the first impression. Your knowledge and skills will be checked later but first, they’ll check how you treat others. So don’t forget your etiquettes, greet the interviewers properly, don’t sit until they tell you to do so, if you have any doubts you can ask. Take permission while entering the area, and thank them while you take leave. you can say “thanks for your time”
  5. Resume- Sometimes your resume reaches the interviewer before you. And your resume is on paper, so it’s very essential to build a proper resume. There are many resume templates and samples are available on the internet for almost every field. But remember they are only for reference; many of us take them and just edit their names and other personal details, it’s completely wrong. Never copy the resume, you may don’t have any achievements and recommendations and training as a fresher. It’s completely okay but interviewers immediately detect the copied resumes. Be particular in your resume about which post you’re applying for.

Some FAQs- There are some FAQs which are asked almost every time in the interview, I am sharing some of them-

  1. Self-introduction- Almost every interviewer asks this question  “introduce yourself” or “tell me something about yourself”. While answering this you should begin with your name, but never start with “Myself”. It is grammatically wrong to say “My name is” or “I am”. After that, you can tell about your birthplace and the place where you did your school/college. After that tell me about your recent education. If you’re not a fresher you can talk about your working experience, and lastly tell about your hobby or hobbies.
  2. Achievements- Many of the interviewers ask about your achievements in life. Here you can talk about your achievements in your school/college life. If you are an experienced candidate then, you can share that achievement like “employ of the month/year”. You can also talk about your achievements in internships or projects you have done.
  3. Strengths and Weaknesses- It’s also an important question asked many times. On this question you should be genuine, never lie; tell about your real-life experiences. While sharing your strength, also tell how you use or implement it in your life. And while telling your weakness, tell about how you’re trying to overcome it. But never say I don’t have any weaknesses.
  4. Why should we hire you? – While answering this question you should tell me how your knowledge and skills will be best suitable for the requirement of that particular job post. 

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Hi, I am Aman Bhat from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I am pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. My hobbies include reading, writing, and oration I also have an interest in music.


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