28 May

Communication is the transmission of information or an idea from one place, person, or group to another. Communication is the most important part of anyone’s life and it is very important to have good communication skills to be able to have good relations in personal life and professional life as well.

Communicating is an art and not everyone is blessed with this art, but it can be achieved through practice, hard work, and by working on ourselves. Communication is the fundamental key skill which can help us to advance our career and for that, it is very important to know how to communicate effectively in order to make others understand our point of view. It is well quoted by James Humes, “The Art of communication is the Language of Leadership”. This means effective and clear communication skills are necessary to become a good leader.

People find it difficult at times to understand the basic idea about communication and the skills related to it. In this fast-paced world we often forget about developing our communication skills and only focus on our grades. But we need to understand that having good communication skills is of paramount importance. Nothing can be achieved without having these basic skills.

So let us try to understand about ten communication skills that can help us in advancing our career and have a wider approach regarding this particular topic.

Clarity and Conciseness

One needs to be very clear about his/her own thoughts and ideas and should be able to present them with utmost clarity and conciseness so that others do not find it difficult to cope up with the ideas and also work upon them. Say whatever you want to convey clearly whether it is face to face communication or through any other technological platform. Be concise and explain your ideas well. Clarity and conciseness are the cruces of strong communication in the workplace.

Good Listener

Being a good listener is a key skill that should be present in every person. No one should feel suppressed while working with you. Everyone should be heard with equal importance and their opinions should be respected because no one likes to work in a place where their ideas are left unheard and are not respected by their co-employees. The ability to listen plays an important role in our personal lives as well.

Body Language and Confidence

Body language also plays an important role while communicating. Whenever you speak your body speaks along with your actions and gestures. Your actions, eye contact, and your body language have a great impact on how another person perceives your message. Thus is it important to work on them as well? One should have open body language and not aggressive one at their workplace. One needs to confident enough while communicating their ideas so that the person in front gets convinced by your belief and is ready to work according to your ideas.


It is necessary to have an open mind while entering into any kind of conversation in order to understand other’s points of view and also change your own if required for the betterment of the company and better execution of the ideas. This leads to productive solutions based on everyone’s inputs and not just your own.

Friendliness and Interpersonal Skills

Having a friendly environment in the workplace makes everyone feel good and also work with more enthusiasm. It is important to build cordial relations with your co-workers, be polite with them, and build a solid professional reputation. One needs to have good interpersonal skills to be able to interact with everyone in a decent manner.

Empathy and Respect

Sometimes a situation might occur where you do not agree with someone else’s opinion but in that case one has to be empathetic and respect the inputs given by others. This might lead to better ideology along with negotiations and the results might come out to be better than expected. You need to be considerate and think carefully before making any decisions.


Flexibility means that you are ready to take new challenges, new responsibilities, and learn different things whenever needed. Making changes is an important part of any business and some changes might have to be made because of some reasons. This is the time when workers need to cooperate and cope with the changes and show flexibility in their personalities.

Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice can impact on the whole mood of the conversation. One should not have an aggressive tone while conveying his/her ideas as it would not be acceptable by everyone. A person should maintain a reasonable level in his tone and remain calm even if the views are not matching to that of others.

Encouragement and Strong work ethic

It is important to keep encouraging your teammates so that they always feel supported and not have a feeling of lack of interest and unappreciated. Provide positive energy to all of your co-employees to have a more positive environment in the workplace. One should also have a strong work ethic and should committed to his/her work throughout.

Curiosity and Asking quality questions

Always ask quality questions as it shows that you are genuinely curious to know about new ideas and work in those projects. Try to ask open-minded questions to have a better vision and clarity of the ideas and also to keep the conversation flowing.

Having these communication skills will ensure that you have a solid professional reputation and stand out from everyone else.

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Pursuing BA English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. I am here to explore my capabilities and enhance my skills to an extent so that I can face all the challenges in future.


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