15 May

Have you ever imagined how an unfavorable day can turn into a grim week? That’s because we keep those unsatisfactory thoughts in our minds longer than they should. And there is no definite time period for it to end. It is like you are walking in a desert, for no one knows how many days, with your empty flask of water.

Now what do I mean with this example of desert and water? Meaning, desert symbolizes our journey of life and water being our thought process. However, instead of being inside some game, it’s your own game and you are the one who decides everything. It is completely in your hands (more like in your mind) to give as much pure, freshwater to yourself to make it out of it. You just have to think about the right thing.

You must have read the book “The Secret” by Rhond Byrne or watched the documentary on it. But if you haven’t, it is about time you come out of your rocky cave. This revolutionary book reveals the actual secrets of life. It has introduced us to a whole new side of the universe, we never knew existed.

The Art of Attraction, this is that one special ingredient, millions are using in their kitchen to make their lives flavorful. In layman’s language, The Art of getting what we want. Meaning that you have free will and your life is not predetermined. You attract what you think; irrespective of its quality. Universe does not sit and analyse what is good or bad, it grants you what you truly want. Most of the people complain that they had no choice in this or that arena but to accept what destiny has in store for them, however, that’s not the case. We humans have the power of will and the authority to wake up one day and change your mind completely without any intrusion or giving answers.

So now when we know we can fix our lives, what should we do? It is quite simple honestly, all you have to do is stay optimistic, have faith and confidence in yourself, on the universe; look on the bright side of the picture. However, change is not rapid, but is certain. This is when your faith and confidence will be tested. If a man can get back on his feet after being told that he is paralyzed for the rest of his life, just by having those positive thoughts, just by keep thinking about it, just imagine how drastically your life can change. From wanting a certain dream job to actually having it just by thinking about it, is like a miracle; which can come true.

Okay, so does this The Art of Attraction works on love life and relationships? Of course yes, as love is the most powerful thought a human can think of. How do you think Savitri managed to get her husband back from Yamraj? You might have noticed that when you are in love, you are able to feel what your beloved is feeling; that’s because of the frequency and who is a better carrier than the universe itself?  And to let go of someone who shares these frequencies with you for some misunderstandings, yeah, I don’t think that’s wise. Also, waves of love are the most effective antidepressant and can change your bad mood into good with a cute little smile in a fraction of second.

You can get all these good things just by thinking of positive thoughts. All you got to do is to have faith, gratitude, and patience.

About Ashi Jain

Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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