16 August

One thing that shows your personality as a mirror is your etiquette. They reflect your behaviour and attitude towards life, and the person in front will judge you on that. Especially in the corporate world, your image, and the way you carry yourself, will determine how long you will be able to stand.


The basics of Business Etiquette everyone should know and follow-


·        Address and introduce

The most basic mistake that almost 90% of people make is of not introducing important people or if they do, they address them in a way that might be considered inappropriate.

Suppose you are in a meeting, it is advisable to address all the co-members with their full name with a proper prefix, like Mr Mohan Rai, Mrs Raj Bhatia, etc.

If you are in a social gathering and many people are there from various statures, it is courteous and professional to introduce everyone with equal respect, irrespective of how small or huge their business is.


·        Dress hygienically

We all know how this can make or break your impression. The key and basic rule are to dress for the occasion. Don’t attend your office in an informal outfit unless it is stated or your job allows it. Your attire is going to decide whether you are to be taken seriously or not, so play wisely.

And don’t forget that spray of deodorant before leaving your house; no one wants to be around people who stink. It’s not because they are judgmental but because it is a human trait.

Also, don’t show up to the office without taking a shower or in dirty clothes; again, impression.


·        Acknowledge and appreciate

Being appreciative not only reflects your manners but your attitude towards others as well; when you are considerate enough to acknowledge and value, the work of your co-worker, you manage to secure a point. By doing so, they will get an idea that you are an approachable and agreeable person.

Otherwise as well, respecting someone’s efforts will only result in them respecting you. Also, learn to own up. Nothing is ruder than a teammate, who is aggressive and proud. So, if something goes down the hill; stand up, and take responsibility.

Well, that saying fits here just like a glove- saying thank you or s will only increase your stature.


·        Say no to Eavesdropping and Gossiping

This is not just basic business etiquette but also basic manners, listening to someone without them knowing is considered as obscene and offensive. Doing so, make people around you uncomfortable and they will start to avoid you.

No one likes it when someone invades their privacy, so don’t be that person. To avoid being eavesdropping, make your presence noticeable if you walk in and see someone having a conversation.

You are in the real world now, leaving gossip girls behind will be highly advisable. You are not fifteen anymore, and gossiping is considered quite childish and shows a lack of professionalism.

Every place indeed has its own set of rumours; however, it is your job to stop feeding it and spreading it.


·        Table and Treat

If you are inviting people for a meal, then as a host, the bill should be in your hands. This is basic business etiquette that the host of the meal shall pay for the bill. It doesn’t matter if you are inviting your boss or anyone else. Don’t forget this rule.

Also, during the meal, do not forget your table manners. It is highly unprofessional to make a mess at the dining table. Avoid foods that may get your hands dirty and or something which might ruin your dress.

It is obvious to have a conversation during business lunch meetings; hence, be mindful to not speak while chewing or with your mouthful; as that as consequences and might leave you in an awkward position.


These are some basic Business Etiquette that everyone should remember and follow in their lives. It will not only reflect how professional friendly you are but also how serious you are about your work.

About Ashi Jain

Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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