21 June

From childhood we all fear something, there is not a single person in life who didn’t fear. As some fear from the height, some fear from the darkness, some fear about the rejection, and many other factors which you can imagine. But out of them if you fear the darkness but its not necessary that your friend should have the same fear. RIGHT!

The one most common fear available in the day to day life is THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING. Yes, that truth. Every single person scares about this. Even from school life to Professional life, we get shy to talk openly in front of the 3 or 4 peoples. Yeah, I’m just saying 3-4 but it happens. As we are seating on a bench and talking with your friend and suddenly the teacher takes your name loudly and asks you what is going on, tell on which topic the lecture is going, the whole classroom stares at you and you go into the position of freezing. But think about why these kinds of situations happen in our life. Due to this fear even if you have good skills and good knowledge you lose your career opportunities also.

So here in the topic, I will tell you some point, that how to overcome this fear of public speaking.

1) First of all, make a group of friends, it may include 7-8 friends. Then select any topic, let’s take an example of upcoming electric era. Make changes in the topics every day, search for new topics, and then first stand in the front of your group of friends and then speak on the decision. Speak on the way as you trying to explain them. After completing this ask to your friends about your speak and after getting feedback work for betterment.

2) Second thing is common but most effective, is you guess it? YES, Right Talking in the front of the mirror. It’s helpful. Try about this. There is one more smart way to overcome the fear of public speaking as many suggestions say that talk in the front of the mirror but I say talk in front of a camera, Yes you all have the smartphones we can easily take selfies but rather than that just try to make your video in which you find yourself more confident.

3)The next one is always be positive. There are always good peoples and bad peoples, when you talk in a public the bad peoples will give you negative reactions or negative feedback. But there is one word ignore the negatives and move toward the positivity. The good reactions are also there you just have to think about the positivity so that feel confident about yourself. Be confident and be in attendance and make involvement with peoples where you speaking.

4) Expect the best. Its depends on us how we treat the situations in our life. If you try you can do anything and if you try your best then you can do what you want, the public speaking is also the same fact, if you try to talk with some people, I suggest that do not openly go in the front of a large crowd but at least try with the small groups, put your thought’s in front of them. The main thing at this point is that you have to expect the best from your side.

5)Eye contact. Now this thing plays a major role, as almost your 90% of confidence and interest in the peoples with whom you are speaking is depends. If you cant make a perfect eye contact the person in front of you things that, you are not interested in him, or you are not confident about what you speaking. So, for that whenever you stand in front of the number of peoples try to look at into there eyes confidently. And keep face expression according to your topic. As sometimes the situation is funny so you have to keep a little bit smiling face, if the situation is quite showing argue, so be like that. Because when you do this all things the interaction between you and your audience is looking perfect.

6) The last thing is about language, oh What? Language why so? As you all know language matters many times. Once you do the first 5 mentioned things but still you left one weak point in you that is Communication in English. Due to this one thing also, you will afraid of speaking in public. For that, you don’t have to do much hard work just simply go to the play store and download the Skilling You app, YES! Its a unique and genuine app to learn English easily. Try it, and once you learn this thing then guaranteed that you build self-confidence in you and you able to overcome the fear of public speaking.

So these are the six basic things you can do, to overcome the fear of public speaking.

You need nothing to do this just keep in mind that I have to do this and I will do this. Once you learn how to speak in the public, I give assurance that you achieve your dreams, goals very soon.

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