24 August

The terms such as creative leadership, innovative are been widely used while talking about the skills one should have. And now, the need for creative leadership has been rising day by day. In a survey conducted by IBM in which they asked over 1500 CEOs what type of leadership they needed more than any other type in running their companies, they recorded their answers and the most important type of leadership which is in need was Creative Leadership.

This article discusses the need for creative leadership along with the ways one could develop this skill and improve their CV as well as help the company reaches greater heights. But first, let’s know a little bit about creative leadership.

What does Creative Leadership mean?

The report of the above IBM Survey concluded that creativity or creative leadership is the most important skill required to have success in business, leaving behind integrity, global thinking. But what is creativity? What is creative leadership? Why is it the need for an hour?

  • What is Creativity?

Creativity should not be associated with only artists. It just isn’t for artists, but for the whole world. It is required in each and every profession and in person. Teachers find and use creative ways to teach students easily and effectively, Engineers use their creativity in solving a tough challenge they might be faced while working on any project, parents use creativity in trying to make their children ready for the future while exactly not knowing the future will be. See, every person uses creativity to solve problems in their day to day life. There are always two ways of doing one thing: – the usual way, that is, the routine way, and the creative way.

  • What is Leadership?

So, creativity helps in solving different types of problems and in innovation. And leadership, as we all know, is being a team player, leading everyone and helping the team by using their various skills. Then, what is creative leadership?

  • What is Creative Leadership?

Creative leadership is the ability or skill to create and solve problems by using innovative solutions for unclear and unpredictable situations. A creative leader helps his/her team in those misty situations where they are unable to find a solution to that problem and leads his/her team by providing creative solutions.

As the world is never stopping and keeps on changing, no one can ever predict the future. For running a business, one needs to be a creative leader so as to deal with unpredictable challenges and be successful. Even if you are not running a business and are a job-seeker, most of the companies look for those people who could very well lead a team and who can be creative, that is, a creative leader so that you could be beneficial for the company by solving those uncertain problems.

How to be a Creative Leader?

As creative leadership is in high demand, you should invest some time in yourself and try to develop this skill. As the IBM survey suggests, people with creative leadership have great chances of being selected for the job or people running a business look forward to creative leadership. If you are stuck between being a leader and being busy and not having time to work on yourself, then here are the ways you could keep yourself updated while working and be a creative leader:

?         Attend Events and Seminars

By attending various events and seminars, you could learn about the new things which are coming in the market and learn new skills such as creative leadership. Various industries organize events and seminars for workers and other people to learn, upgrade, update, and know more about the market and themselves. Attending these events and seminars could help you polishing yourself.

?         Continue Learning

Try to involve yourself in the process of continuous learning. You should continue to educate yourself with the help of educational resources that have a full course in the skills you might want to learn. In this case, you could reach out to educational resources which through great leaders help people in learning about various leadership strategies and on being creative. You could also learn from your fellow employees who have great creative leadership skills.

?         Be a Team Player than just being a Leader.

A good leader always tends to listen to his/her team members’ ideas and thoughts and allow them to grow and be creative. A creative leader relies on them and gives them the liberty to make several decisions. You need to trust your teammates and give them the space to be creative. But you should always know the strengthens and weaknesses of the team in order to lead them better.

?         Learn from Failure

Everyone now and then fails a couple of times in trying to do something innovative. Encourage discussion and debates in the team and if you or anyone in the team fails, don’t discourage them. In fact, encourage failures and let them share their failures with the other members so that everyone could learn from those mistakes. The process of creating something and being innovative takes some guts and you might have to face failure to eventually leads to innovation and success.


Creative leadership promotes productivity and is, in fact, a way to success for the company. A creative leader identifies problems and tries to solve them by using those methods which no one else could have thought of. There is a need for creative leadership in today’s world as it is changing constantly with the passing time and one should try to find ways of solving problems and solve them through creativity which could possibly be the best way for the company. Creative leadership is in high demand and companies are mostly looking forward to people having those leadership skills.

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