11 September

The thing about stress and worry is that it happens to everyone and almost all the time. In fact, some studies have even revealed that an appropriate amount of stress can actually be used to your benefit since it allows you to improve your performance. The thing about stress is that it comes from every portion of your life. Our focus is on the stress you attain from one particular area: your surroundings.

Our surroundings have the maximum ability to affect our day to day feelings and things that we engage in. Having people who love and care about you in your surroundings will keep your mood uplifted. However, having a stressful work environment or a boss that likes to crib about your performance will have the opposite effect.

Our surroundings have an immense role to play in our day to day activities. We will begin by explaining what ‘surroundings’ for the purpose of this discussion means. When we say surroundings, we mean everything that has the likelihood and the capacity to enter into the mental and physical environment, and thereafter affect it. So to take a simple example, the people you live with form a part of your surroundings. In a relatively complex example, your interactions with those living around you or the environment at your workplace would also form a part of your surroundings.

Our surroundings are the most crucial thing that affects our ability to deal with a situation, second only to our mental attitude towards the situation. Therefore, surroundings are one of the most powerful things a person can utilize. It doesn’t take a genius or a person with a very high IQ to figure out how to use this. Using your surroundings to your benefit is easy enough for even the average human being to do. It is only a matter of understanding and taking action.

Think of a play. Any persons’ actions become a play when they have a stage to act upon. Or any performance for that matter is only as great as the stage it is put upon. So one must understand that our surroundings are our life’s stage. There are both good things and bad things about a person’s. The good thing is that you can control a decent portion of it; the people you interact with and the places you go to, being some of them. The bad thing is that there are just as many things that you can’t control; the attitude of your peers and the curveballs that life throws at you. Once you understand this, you have a much higher chance of fixing matters to use the power of your surroundings? But how do you actually do that?

This is yet another solution, which is rather obvious but can be tricky at times. You see, there are some triggers in our environment that can’t be controlled. The best way to handle these triggers is by controlling yourself and your reaction to them. Do not get carried away or flown away with them. Maintain a calm composure at all times and figure out a solution to the curveball.

Understand that your surroundings hold a lot of the solutions you look for, every day. Control the things that you can control. Want to have a good amount of savings, then control your expenditures. Want to spend time with your family, come back from the office early. Want to reduce your vices, reduce the time you spend with people who indulge in these vices with you. Change the people in your surroundings to have a better circle impacting you.

Studies have revealed that people are very susceptible to adopting a ‘crowd mentality, wherein you do what others around you are doing. Analyze your conduct to see if you’re doing the same. If you feel you are, then stop for a minute and think if you can do better by doing it differently.

Create surroundings that inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you to do better and become better.

Everything you need to give you power and strength is around you. All you need to do is tap it to make yourself better.

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