02 June

Time management is the ability of using time productively. It is the most important skill that everyone should learn. One needs to plan and divide his/her time to do different activities so that he/she can be more productive. A person who manages his time well gets more work done in less time. Many times we get so busy doing a particular activity that we forget the importance of time. For instance, while using any social media site, we tend to stay busy for hours that lead to wastage of a lot of time that could have been utilized in doing any other useful activity like studying, playing, exercising, etc.

For any student, time management is important. Managing time to be more productive is the key to success. Students have a lot to do in their everyday lives. They have to divide time amongst every subject. Along with studies, they also have to manage time for other activities like playing, exercising, learning a new skill, etc.

Due to the Coronavirus or COVID-19, the whole world is practicing social distancing. On account of lockdown, everyone’s life is getting affected. Schools and colleges have opted for digitalization. Through the medium of online classes the students are gaining an education. Due to online classes, students are facing a lot of problems, one of the biggest problem is that of time management.

Tips for time management for online students 

  • Plan And Make A Schedule

Planning is the first step towards time management. One should make a schedule to achieve his goals and should stick to it. Plan what all topics you will complete and divide your time amongst every topic accordingly. Make your syllabus a guide to help you in knowing which all tasks need to be prioritized. Make a calendar and mark what all you need to do in the day. Mark the dates when you have to complete an assignment and do your readings, this will help you to complete it on time. Make a weekly to-do list that will help you keep track of how much you have achieved.

  • Set Up Your Work Space 

To study properly, one needs to sit and study in an environment that makes you concentrate. A proper workspace will ensure that you study more and get distracted less. This will save wastage of time which would have been wasted if there was no proper environment to study. You would have wasted time to adjust to the environment which wasn’t study-friendly that’s why setting up a workspace is important to manage time well. Sit on a comfortable chair and a properly lit up room. Make sure you have a proper internet connection so that you can open up the study material which is provided to you. Along with your online study material, make sure you have all the essential things you need like textbooks, notebook, stationery, etc.

  • Stay Away From Distractions 

While studying online, students are likely to get distracted by different social media sites, games, music, and various other apps. You need to block out every distraction that will take away your attention from your studies. Follow your schedule and don’t give away your study time to any distractions. Also, take breaks in between your study time which will ensure that you don’t get tired due to a lot of studying and so that you can stay fresh to retain well. During your study time, log out all the social media sites. Set alarms according to your study time and only after you hear the sound of the alarm, you are allowed to open your social media sites, play games, listen to music, etc. Reward yourself after you complete your task by eating your favorite snack or watching your favorite show or listen to your favorite music, this will ensure that you will keep on working towards your goal. This will help you to manage your time and study in a well-structured way.

5 Tips For Students That Work

  1. Plan Ahead

Students who work needs to plan out their schedule. Make a weekly list of all the tasks that you are required to do. Follow your weekly list and keep track of how much you have achieved. Keep a check of all the assignments that you have to complete. Prioritize your tasks as some tasks are important than the other. At times, studying along with work can be quite hectic and you might start procrastinating the important things. Just keep in mind that procrastination will only lead to pilling up your work rather than decreasing your work.

  1. Set Goals

Setting goals is essential to get things done. At the beginning of a new semester, a student is more enthusiastic but, as time passes, one becomes more lethargic which leads to less concentration towards the studies. To stay on track, one needs to set goals and try to achieve them. When you achieve your goals, you will feel enthusiastic like you did at the beginning of the year and that will keep you motivated and help you manage your time well.

  1. Take Breaks

Take breaks in between your work and studies. Taking breaks will make sure that you get time to stay fresh and energetic. It will not make you fatigue. Taking breaks in between is will keep you more productive as it will reduce metal fatigue and will help you to stay focused.

  1. Reward Yourself 

When you achieve your goals, reward yourself. Rewarding yourself will keep you motivated and will make you feel good about accomplishing your tasks. This will also help you to complete your tasks on time in the future. Rewards will also ensure that you are timely completing your tasks which will help in managing your time.

  1. Sleep Well

While working and studying constantly, your body and mind will surely get tired. To avoid mental and physical fatigue, one needs to have a good eight hours of sleep. Sleep will also ensure that you are more productive which will help you in managing your time.

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