24 August

“There are bright places even in the dark times, and if there aren’t, you can be that bright place, in its infinite capacities.” Life is a maze trod, it’s uncertain, it’s complicated, it’s ever-changing, and without a second thought, it’s ineffable, and we? We are its mere puppets. But I firmly believe that, at the end of the day, it’s us, who decide whether or not we still want to participate in that incessant puppetry.

Life is also an inexplicable combination of good and bad days, but at last, it’s on us how we take it, how we plan to perceive what life throws at us. There’s always a scope of learning, the scope of improvement, and that of growth, and it’s you who has to design the situations you face, in such a way, that you always manage to extract something fairly optimistic out of something bad.

The word ‘exam’ itself manages to bring about a sense of anxiety and stress in us. As soon as the exam or result dates approach, quite a substantial magnitude of pressure is laid upon, and thus experienced by students of all age groups, which is undoubtedly very burdensome. This burden leads to the students feeling extremely bogged down and demotivated, if in case their tests don’t go as good as their expectations, or if they, unfortunately, happen to fail an exam.

Mentioned below are some effective tips that one can abide by, to pick itself up after a considerably bad or failed examination, and also manage to see the positive side of this very situation.

FEEL IT– The most important thing to be kept in mind, in this, or be it in any hapless situation is to mentally, not run away from what has happened. Whatever might be the circumstances, the most efficient way out of any problem, is to face it, with a headstrong attitude of wanting to overcome it. Grieve your heart out, do not panic and also do not be too harsh on yourself. After all, a bad/failed exam is not the end of the world. In case you feel that this very failure has had or is currently having a major amount of negative impact on your mental health, or is making you feel way more emotionally drained than usual, then, in that case, do not think twice before asking for help. Vent your feelings out in front of a family member, a friend, or whosoever you may find trustworthy enough, and in case this emotional tension prolongs, consult a mental health expert. Don’t let it all get to your head.

GET BACK ON YOUR FEET– You are allowed to feel agitated by failures, or by anything that hasn’t turned out your way, it’s a basic human tendency. What’s not normal is holding on to your failures for a considerably longer time than usual, and giving it the power to control you and pull you back. Stagnation is what you will have to fight herein. After you have given your body and mind enough time to heal from your setback, you eventually need to start stepping out of that phase. It is completely okay to think and feel a little upset while reminiscing the past, but as they say, “let the bygones be bygones.”  Don’t give up, keep thriving and carving your way out of those hard times, and before you’ll even realize it, you’ll be already out of it. The needed focus is to keep reminding yourself that losing hopes and stopping, isn’t even an alternative that you can ever opt for.

? GET OVER IT– This is going to be a brief point where I just want you to make sure of two primary keynotes. The first keynote to be seriously kept in mind is that you cannot afford to keep reminding yourself about your failure, this will yield nothing good and will only lead to you sabotaging your mental peace and self-confidence. The other keynote says that instead of stuffing your head up with pessimistic thoughts, every often makes sure to visualize your dreams. This action will work as a driving force towards your gradual and wholesome betterment, and later goal- achievement. De-cluttering the mess that we humans time and again create in our fellow minds, is surely a requisite.

LEARN FROM YOUR FAILURE– With the passing time you’re expected to be over the trauma, and then is the time to make sure that you undergo a very much needed self-analysis. Now here is where you will be needed to keenly analyze the mistakes you made the first time, which led to your setback. Obviously, you have to make sure that you do not happen to repeat them. You can also consider making a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and without being too hard on yourself, start working on them, for your wellbeing and overall upliftment. Always remember, growth is necessary, and the only way out.

? SET A TARGET AND DON’T OVER-EXPECT– Now is the time that you need to set your goal again, start your preparations, and put in your everything towards achieving it. But this time make sure to not keep your hopes up too high, wait until the results are finally out, to actually rejoice in your success. Presumptions and over-expectations always lead to disappointments, and it will be quite an easy task for you to bar yourself from the former if you don’t over-anticipate in the first place. Keep yourself in a position where you are looking forward to the best, but are simultaneously ready for the worst.

? SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVITY AND MOTIVATION– Come what may, the ultimate trick to touching great heights, is to have a happy body and mind. To ensure that not only your physical but also your mental health stays well, surround yourself with all kinds of inspirational and optimistic sources. To implement this you could put up posters of various motivational quotes on your room’s walls or even put them as your gadgets’ wallpaper so that every time you open up any of those, not only your face but also your mind lightens up. Also, you could deem watching various inspirational speakers’ speeches, or TEDx talks as a vividly decent option. All this will help prevent you from going into the bad space again and enable you to evolve as a much stronger, rational, and joyous individual.

‘You aren’t a failure just because you had a setback.’ Always remember, failure only makes you stronger, it’s solely upon you how you perceive it and what all teachings you manage to imbibe from its occurrence. It’s something to be embraced, something to be looked up as equivalent to a blessing in disguise, because if taken right, all it does is help strengthen your individualistic character, makes you even more headstrong, assures perseverance and endurance for troublesome future ventures, that might come as hindrances in your way, and provides you with a hell-bent frame of mind, quite vital to tirelessly chase your dreams, big or small. It’s all in your hands, after all, the future belongs to those who create it and life? Life is what you make of it.

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