18 September

Learning and improving English Grammar requires some efforts to be incorporated. The individuals who wish to improve their English Grammar skills can follow the given tips-:

This is the very first step you should do to improve your grammar skills. When you read, you try to develop correct grammar in your mind. Moreover, reading also enhances your vocabulary which in turn improves your writing skills. Reading newspapers is the best way to improve grammar and vocabulary. Always keep a dictionary with you while reading an English newspaper. So when you face any difficulty to understand any word, you can directly look at its meaning in the dictionary. Write the meaning of those difficult words in a notebook.Reading newspapers also helps you to understand how to frame sentences and correct word placement in a sentence which eventually enhances your grammar skills.

It is advisable to have a grammar reference to improve grammar skills. This way, anytime you come across a grammatical question, you can quickly lookup in the reference and get the answer. Prefer trusted grammar books as there are many pirated books in the market which have plenty of mistakes.

You should always start by reviewing the basics of Grammar. You should do some research on basics like tenses, basic parts of a speech, active and passive voice, etc. These basics are involved in the framing of sentences. Moreover, you should also do some research on common grammatical errors that people commit while speaking or writing. Note these things in a notebook for future reference.

Nowadays there are ample resources available both online and offline that help to improve Grammar skills. If you think that grammar is your weak side, then you need to practice daily. Always take out some time to work on your grammar skills daily. Don’t try to skip learning any day. Practicing grammar daily will surely enhance your grammar skills and it will eventually turn to your strength.

You should carefully listen to your teachers or tutors giving you feedback about grammar. You should see if you are having any consistent issue in a topic. If that happens, then go through that topic again. Make sure that you don’t leave that topic until you master it.

When we re-read our writings, we don’t notice any error in the writing as our brain fills the gap of missing information. Proofreading your writings out loud can surely let you identify your mistakes in the grammar. Therefore, you are more likely to evaluate your errors when you read your writings loud rather than in your head.

Writing helps to build grammar skills to a great extent. Writing articles, debates, speeches daily really helps to enhance writing skills and helps to identify grammatical errors. Therefore, you should atleast write one thing whether it is an article, speech or debate everyday.

Now when it comes to basic grammatical errors, one should focus on the following things:-

• Learn the use of apostrophe(‘) mark:-
You should never overlook this important punctuation mark. This mark has great use in English Grammar. If we omit this sign, the meaning of a word gets changed. For eg- its is the possessive form of it while it’s is the abbreviation for it is.

• Try to learn as many homophones as possible :-
Homophones are the words having the same pronunciations but different spellings and meanings. For eg- accept and except. This is the common error that people commit while using homophones. You should be aware of that.

• Understand the usage of articles :-
There are three articles in common (a, an, the). The articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ are used to refer to general things while the article ‘the’ is used to refer to specific things. Moreover the article ‘an’ is used before the words starting with vowels(a,e, i,o,u) and the words having an initial sound of a vowel.

• Learn the difference between the usage of ‘much’ and ‘many’ :-
One thing that should be noted here is that many are used with countable nouns like apples, books, etc. while much is used with uncountable nouns like time, water, etc.

• Learn the usage of prefix and suffix:-
One should understand how to use prefix and suffix to form new words. For eg- the prefix – ‘dis’ can be added to the word like ‘agree’ to form a new word called ‘disagree. Although, the word agree could exist alone but adding a prefix to it changes its meaning. So, one should understand the correct usage of prefix and suffix and how their usage can change the meaning of a word in the sentence.

• Learn as many synonyms as possible:-
Synonyms mean words having the same meanings. One should always focus on learning synonyms of a word. This is essential when you require to use a word again and again in a paragraph. Instead of the same word being used, again and again, you can use the similar meaning words which are synonyms. This helps to increase your vocabulary and writing skills as well.

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