14 September

We all are aware of the fact that English is the globally accepted language. For example, two persons coming from different countries always use English to communicate. English is taught and used as a secondary language in many countries. An individual who wishes to enter a corporate or global workforce needs to know how to speak fluent English. English has brought many commercial benefits to Indian people around the world. English, the language of business in the world, has proven advantageous to many Indian business managers. English is not only a means for international trade, but it is also becoming crucial for interstate commerce and communication. But sometimes learning English becomes a challenging  and time-consuming task. Therefore, the following tips help to learn spoken English faster:

1. Think in English:
The most difficult thing about speaking English is not the language, but how one thinks it. If one tries to think in their native language and then translate it in English, then it becomes a complicated process. The solution to it is that one should always try to think in English. They should always try to speak in English in their day to day activities like Talking on the phone, Going to restaurants & shopping, Traveling to airports, hotels, & sightseeing Talking about hobbies & entertainment. Moreover, you will surely notice a thing that when we think in English then it becomes easy for us to speak in English without any need of translation.

2. Speak to Yourself:
If an individual hesitates to speak in front of others, then they can talk to themselves. One can improve spoken English by talking to themselves. Talk to yourself out loud. This will help in building confidence in speaking English. Once you become confident while speaking to yourself, then soon you try to speak in English with others as well. This way you can get rid of your hesitation as well. Moreover, this paves your way of speaking English in front of the crowd during presentations or public meetings.

3. Mirror Practice:
If an individual wants to master spoken English, then they should speak at least for 10-15 minutes in front of a mirror. This helps you to judge your body, mouth and face language. There may be a situation when you get stuck on a word. In such situations don’t stop. Rather try to express your opinion differently. This helps you to learn various ways of saying a thing.

4. The primary focus should be Fluency:
Fluency means how long you can speak in English including appropriate pauses and breaks without getting stuck. Your primary focus should be on speaking English without stammering. You should try to speak in front of a mirror without getting stuck. Once you become a fluent speaker, you can work on the Grammar later.

5. Try English Tongue Twisters:
These are a sequence of words that are difficult to speak speedily. These tongue twisters will improve your pronunciation and also aid in finding correct usage and placement of tongue and mouth.

6. Listen and Repeat:
TV and the Internet are the best tools available today for improving fluency in English. One can listen to videos on Youtube and try to repeat them. One should carefully notice their pronunciation, speed, and tone and try to match them. This does not happen once. It takes time. Start by repeating short videos. Once you build confidence in them then you can move to long videos. You will eventually notice an improvement in your fluency in English.

7. Use English to English Dictionary
If you ever feel the need to find the meaning of a particular word, then use a dictionary. Always go for English to English Dictionary. You will come across synonyms of given words. Try to use them in your sentences. You will understand correct word placement in a sentence. This helps in enhancing your vocabulary. Don’t go for advanced dictionaries in the beginning. Try simpler ones in the beginning and when you become comfortable with them, then you can move to the advanced ones.

8. Learn word forms with new words:
You should always try to learn various forms of the word whenever you learn a new word. For ex: If you learned the word speak, then you should also learn spoke and spoken which are the past and past participle forms of speak.

9. Participate in debates, group discussion like activities:
Organize yourself in groups. Select a topic and take 5-10 minutes to form your viewpoints. Effectively present your opinions in front of others. If you admit mistakes or get stuck somewhere, don’t stop there. Never loose spirit. Repeat this activity and try again.

10. Familiarize yourself with phonetic alphabets:
One thing which should be noted here is that the way we write English words is not the way they are pronounced sometimes. Therefore, one needs to familiarize themselves with phonetics alphabets which helps them in better understanding of pronunciation.

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