16 August

LinkedIn has grown to be one of the greatest social media platforms in recent years throughout the world. Many professional personalities are active on LinkedIn rather than any other social media platform. Around 65 million of the Indian public is active on LinkedIn because it is the only big platform that connects education seekers with education providers and job seekers with job providers. But it becomes very difficult to improve and maintain our LinkedIn profile. It becomes necessary to grow our profile so that more and more people can see it.


I am going to share some steps with you that will help you to improve your LinkedIn profile.


Profile and Cover Photo

It is the face and first impression of your profile so it’s your responsibility to make it pleasant. Always choose a simple and smiling profile photo, it is not compulsory to keep a photo in a suit or blazer you also can keep a photo in semi-formal or casual wear. Try not to keep a photo with shade or sunglasses. You can use our spectacles instead if you use them. Also the cover photo or banner creates a good impression on the person viewing your profile. Try to make a simple banner with fewer but meaningful words and images that will suit and show your personality and profession.


Bio and Summary

If a person likes your profile he/she will read your bio; which describes your profession. I must say compulsorily use the standard fonts, don't use fancy fonts throughout your profile. It looks very unprofessional and as I mentioned above that LinkedIn is a professional platform. Also, don’t use poetic language or quotes while writing the bio. You can refer to some profiles with the same profession before writing it. And try not to copy anybody to be unique. Follow the same rules while writing a summary you can include your strengths and achievements.



It is the most important thing in a LinkedIn profile to try to connect maximum people from your field of interest. Interact with your followers. You can ask questions about them. You can give or take advice. Try to connect experienced as well as inexperienced and young as well as old people because you never know who could help you.


Posts and Views

Your post is an important aspect that decides whether your followers will increase or decrease or remain the same. Try to give something good to your audience every day. Keep them engaged in your posts; this doesn’t mean to write and upload anything. Don’t make LinkedIn a Facebook. Either, upload some current affairs, trending innovations, and technologies, motivational quotes, facts. But you have to post them in attractive manners; you can use various software and applications to make your post attractive. Another important thing is to respect your viewers, reply to them and comment positively to them.



There is an option of recommendation in LinkedIn one must use it. Ask the people who know you well and whom you worked for to recommend you on LinkedIn as it highlights your profile and helps your profile to grow and reach the maximum number of people. But never ask for a fake recommendation.


So this was from my side. LinkedIn is a really good platform. So create your account on it and grow it and grow with it.


About Aman Bhat

Hi, I am Aman Bhat from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I am pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. My hobbies include reading, writing, and oration I also have an interest in music.


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