11 September

If you’ve just come out of college or are considering a change of profession, the first scary thing to face will be job interviews. For some people interviews are easy, it’s easy for them to breeze through the gruelling question-answer session. But that isn’t always the case with most people. A lot of people tend to get nervous during interviews.

The most important thing to remember when going in for an interview is to remain calm and not panic. Furthermore, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Do your research on the organization: Knowing about the company you’re going in for is always a very good thing. This will give you an idea of what the organization does. Knowing the products and services that the company works for helps you to answer the question they might pose to you. Furthermore, you can prepare a few questions of your own so that they know what you’re talking about.
  • Prepare your responses: Think of all the things that the interviewer might ask you and prepare responses accordingly. Look into your resume because a lot of places tend to inspect your resume to check for credibility.
  • Decide on your clothes: Plan out your outfit in advance. Prepare something formal, even if you’re told to remain casual or semi-casual. Iron your clothes properly so that they are wrinkle-free and look neat. When you choose your outfit, dress to impress; first impressions matter.
  • Think of what to carry with you: Print your paper on good quality paper, and always carry extra copies. Carry a proper notepad and a pen. Remember to inform your references, so that they are prepared. A portfolio is also a good thing to carry so that you have samples to show, of your work.
  • Know your skills and project them: Recognize your skillset and project it at your interview. Always let the interview panel know of your skills and how you can be an asset to them. Display your ability to contribute to the organization.
  • Be on time: Never be late for an interview. You should always give off a good impression and punctuality is one of the most important things to make a good impression.
  • Do not panic: Never panic at an interview. The interviewers will always try to put you in a tight spot. They want to check your decision-making skills. Getting caught in a moment of panic can reflect poorly on you.
  • Never lie: One of the worst things you can do at an interview or on your resume is lie. Be positive about the skills you possess and show the panel how you can be of use to them. Show them who you are and that will always reflect positively.
  • Body Language: Body language is always important. Be firm with your handshake and hold your posture properly. Smile when needed, but not too much. Always remember to hold eye contact since that is one of the best ways to show confidence.

Bottom line is to be confident and remain attentive. Do not lose focus or ramble. Control your facial expressions because they are a reflection of your feelings. Having a positive demeanour should be on the topic of your list, but be careful to not come off as overconfident.

About Skilling You

Skilling You, is a multi-product platform for Skill Development programs. We strive to educate the youth with our prime focus on rural India, equipping learners through our cost-effective, technology-driven, research-based and comprehensive ‘ Employability Skills Programs’. In this dynamic environment and competitive markets, this humble initiative is the first step towards our commitment of empowering the youth with Employability Skills, by creating a stimulating and interactive learning environment, encouraging participation and individual creativity. With an aspiration of changing the employment landscape in India, we at Skilling You take a pledge to drive a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing and process improvement. In recent years, competition has increased, and job opportunities have reduced. In this competitive world, it isn’t enough to have a degree; one must have something extra, something unique to give them an edge over others.


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