09 January

As the new era has arrived almost a few ago which is the Internet era is picking up its momentum with great intensity. The invention of the Internet and Social media has surely been of great advantage. They both have connected the whole world by invisible lines. Today if anybody has any kind of problem, the Internet has hundreds of solutions ready for it. If you want to connect with people and interact with them then go for social media applications. There have been so many Social media apps which are serving for different purposes. They have connected the lost friends or relatives and have also helped in building up new bonds.

But surely a coin has two sides and this situation has its own advantages and disadvantages. As we have discussed some of the advantages already, let’s come to the disadvantages part. As this era is growing up, it’s in some of the other ways disturbing the lifestyles of people. This has become a kind of addiction to many people. Now people are more hooked to their cell phones. There is a need for just one notification on the screen and people get distracted. It’s difficult for people to concentrate for five minutes with mobile phones in their hands. So to eradicate this problem in some ways we have some tips which can help people in some ways if they adopt in their current lifestyle which will be slow but steady to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So here we go:-

1.Turn off the notifications:-

This is one of the most important things we all need to do as notifications act as the major villain in breaking down our concentration. Because they create curiosity in a person about what a message is about and forces him to pick up his cell phone and look into it. And here my friends we lose us some precious time where we could have invested it in some useful work. So here goes the first tip that turns off notifications of the applications in all gadgets.

2.Make a Timetable:-

Yes for sure a timetable can be made on the usage of your internet and social media because it can be helpful to devote your time on many other fruitful activities. We can allot certain for our social media life and internet usage. In this way, a lot of time can be saved and will also keep us focused. In the whole 24 hours, there should only certainly time devoted to it. And making a timetable and making ourselves live a certain routine makes us focused and increases our concentration power and this is scientifically also proved.

Try detox from your phone:-

Well, this is something which now a day’s many people are trying. Keeping your phone aside for two to three days and not touching can make you feel fresh and help to focus on other aspects too. This can be tried out for once or twice a month. From the earlier surveys, people who have tried it have felt a lot beneficial from this activity. And this surely does no harm as being unaware of what is happening in the whole world and living in your own shell can real fun.

Decide what is important:-

There really needs to be a line made between social media life and our personal and professional life. For sure there are many people who own their professional life on social media but they too need to apply this that devoting all their time on it is not of any benefit. As they too have to look at other things. Everyone should decide how much they should prioritize social media and the other life.

Proper sweeping of your phone:-

There should be regular check that whether our phone is not having any useless stuff like there are many applications which you don’t use anymore or does not have any relevance with you anymore. Also, there is much stuff which is of no use should be deleted simultaneously. As many a time, these applications and other stuff can be a huge distraction.

Also, there are many cell phone brands are developing a new feature which is Black Mode. In this when you use your phone for a certain time then it gets locked for some time so that you can get rest from it. This feature should be given more relevance as this is the need of the hour and can help as a game-changer in people keeping away from social media in some ways.

So these were some tips to be focused during social media. Yes, there are many other ways which we can adopt in our lives and can cope up from this problem. These tips will surely be a help to improve our lifestyles in certain ways.

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