05 June

The moment you start thinking that you have enough points to make resume perfect, it’s the moment when someone has already beaten you and you lose the job even before applying. In the world full of nail-biting competition, there is no assurance that you will succeed, until you have something special and rare to offer that no one else has.

Resumes are the only cards you have, to play; it’s up to you how you play them.

In the era, where no one even reads your resume unless it is ATS approved, you not only have to beat this system but stand out as well. Unless you design your resume in a way that fits the company’s requirements, you won’t make it even after having multiple degrees and certificates.

A perfect blend of Hard and Soft skills

It all comes down to your presentation and the ingredients you have to offer in your dish. If you have great ingredients but inadequate knowledge of producing it, it will be fruitless. And, the same thing goes for your resume.

Yes, there was a time when all you needed was a college degree to get a job, unfortunately, that has changed. Now employers want someone more than just a book-bug.

You must have much more than just a college degree to fulfill your dreams.

Hard skills are those skills that you learn from working, while soft skills are those skills you explore while living. Hence, there should be a perfect blend of both in your resume.

Here are a few must-have skills to put on your resume, and how to describe them:

1. Technical Skills

Technical skills are important in the market and play a vital role in determining your value; hence, you must have this skill in you and your resume.

They can be:

  • Basic Understanding of Programming
  • Software proficiency
  • Project management
  • Technical writer

You may add them under the category of Technical skills itself.

2. Social Skills

A must-have quality, an employer is looking for in this employee is his/her social skills. As it all comes down how you communicate with others and the absence of this skill is a no-no.

So make sure you mention your social skills in your resume. You can add it in the additional information or skills column, like:

Worked with a Ngo and addressed its agenda in a seminar.

3. Leadership skills

By mentioning this quality, you help employers to see you as a potential head in the team, on whom they can rely on.

You can add this skill in the role of responsibilities or additional information;

Like: Head of the Xyz committee in my college or office.

4. Training

Your college degree is not sufficient; you must have an extra set of training, specializing in your particular field which can support your degree;

It will help the employer as it will mean that you have much more knowledge than any other graduate.

Mention all your training under a separate section named training.

5. Experience

Must have heard that companies are demanding three years of experience right after you graduate? Well, that happens when you have taken up internships in your college.

And even otherwise as well, by mentioning your experience in the industry gives you an extra edge over others, as you’ll have practical knowledge and market experience.

It also increases your chances of getting a higher salary. Write all your past jobs and internships under the experience section.

6. Flexible and Resilient

Different times come with different and unusual problems and uncertain changes that require creative solutions and will to change and go with the flow. With the techniques and methods changing rapidly, you need to make sure that your resume shows how flexible and resilient you can be.

It’s a great skill; every employer is looking for in their employees. They want some who can stay calm and handles stressful situations without feeling burdened.

It will do you a great amount of good if you add these qualities to your resume.

You may include these like:

– Flexible to learn and explore new areas and fields of interest.

– Resilient enough as I managed to get an International IT company linked with our company, which also secured my promotion to Xyz.

By adding these qualities to your Additional information or in the skills section, you will certainly catch the employer’s eyes.

7. Computer skills

It is must that you have basic knowledge of computers, irrespective of your field, as in today’s date, where everyone wants to appoint someone who is a multi-tasker, having some basic computer knowledge is not too much to ask for.

If you have it, then definitely mention them under the skills section in your resume with the level. Meaning, you must state whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.  It will help the employer to know exactly where you stand.

8. Proficiency

Another must include skill in your resume should be how proficient you are and in which area. If you have proficiency in any language be it in English, French, Hindi, etc. even if you are proficient in any computer language, you must mention it clearly in your resume. It will not only help you come up in ATS but it will also show your oral and writing skills.

If you are proficient in anything, do mention them under the skills section in your resume with the level whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert.

You can also add these skills to the additional section of your resume.

9. Multilingual

As every business sector is developing, it is expanding globally and for the same reason, they prefer someone who knows various languages over someone who doesn’t. It gives you a great advantage when you are competing with someone, with akin qualification.

So don’t forget to mention this skill in your resume under your skills section, again with your level.

10. Time management and Work ethics

Are you punctual and finish your work before the due deadline, without having a list of excuses already laid out? Well, that’s an exceptional quality which makes you stand out from the mob.

By mentioning these traits in your additional skills section, you make sure that it will not go unnoticed.

About Ashi Jain

Second-year student, pursuing English Honours from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.


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